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Skincare Must-Haves: Vitamin C

Man you know sometimes I just wish there was an ingredient that would, I don’t know, help protect my skin from the Sun. You know just something that would give me an anti-pigmentory effect. Now I mean I just really want something which helps stop DNA breakdown! Let’s talk about vitamin C. First of all […]

AM ☀️SKINCARE for Mature | Dry | Dehydrated Skin | Hada Labo | Obagi | Heimish |

Welcome back to my channel. I wanted to take you through my current morning skincare routine. It’s mostly Asian Products but I do have a couple Obagi products in there as well. I’m gonna take you through what I’m doing for my dehydrated mature skin and I am finding that layering these products is Incredibly […]

How to Use Vitamin E For Scars, Acne Marks & Clear Skin: For ALL Skin Types + Fave Products ✨

Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Rowena! It’s Felicia! Just when we thought we learned our ABCs (of skincare), back to front, and that chapter of our life was over with, we realized there’s more! The ABCs of skincare~ Up until now we’ve covered Vitamin A, which is all about retinols and retinoids, then there’s vitamin […]

VITAMIN C In Your Skincare Routine: Brightening, Hyperpigmentation & Clear Skin

Hey guys, it’s Felicia, and Rowena! So welcome back to our third series of A, B and C’s of skincare. (*both singing*) A, B, C, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! In our previous episodes, we’ve covered vitamin A, otherwise known as retinol or retinoids, vitamin B3 known as niacinamide, and today, you guessed it! […]

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cleansing oil cleansing balm hunting jellies toners serums essence Abdul sleeping must night cream eye cream I know it can be all confusing and overwhelming we will never ever claim to have the widest collection because we don’t have money but we only create from that half personality and that we know it’s going to […]

The Truth of Hyaluronic Acid • The Ordinary HA+B5 vs NIOD MMHC

Okay, next Hi, okay. Your name is Hyaluronic Acid, okay. Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses and why we should hire you? Everyone calls me the best humectant because I have a very strong ability to pull water and then hold on to it even up to a thousand times my weight so people […]