Carbohydrates – Part 2

Complex carbs keep you fuller. Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you are new, I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video, I’m going to talk about complex carbohydrates. If you missed the introductory video and part 1 of this Carbohydrates series, I have included the links for both videos […]

Carbs: What are examples of carbohydrates?

This is Neily on Nutrition. Thanks for tuning into my continuing conversation about carbohydrates. Yesterday, I focused on why some people might think that they’re bad, and they’re not. But there’s a lot of misconceptions about carbohydrates, and they’re so misunderstood. I was at a meeting a while ago and it was a non-dietitian, non- […]

Sweet Spot: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates – BioChemistry – NEET Preparation by NEETLab

Welcome to Neetlab. A free online self learning platform to improve your intelligence and to clear NEET examination our topic is about Carbohydrates We have already seen in the previous video about the introduction of carbohydrates , Now lets see in detail about carbohydrates Carbohydrate is a bio molecule compound containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen […]

Carbohydrates – Part 1

Carbohydrates are not your enemies. Hi, and welcome back to my channel. If you are new I am Lola at Beasts Train Mean, and in this video I am going to talk about carbohydrates. Because this is a big topic, I broke it down into three videos. Therefore, in this video, I will talk about […]

Carbohydrates and Lipids: Key Biomolecules I

Hi, everybody. This screencast is going to discuss biomolecules. We’re going to do an overview as well as talk about carbohydrates and lipids. So, in one of our last screencasts we talked about different kinds of atoms that are very commonly combined together in biology; those are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. And […]

Carbohydrates – absolute configuration, epimers, common names | MCAT | Khan Academy

– Okay, so we spend a lot of time on the front end of carbohydrates, talking about their stereochemistry, especially of that last chiral center. And again, it’s because it plays a large role in the biological function of these molecules. For example, we humans are enzymatically programmed to break down and digest the D-sugars. […]

Carbohydrates – cyclic structures and anomers | Chemical processes | MCAT | Khan Academy

– Alrightie, so we’ve been speaking so far about carbohydrates as chains of carbon atoms. And these are chains of carbon atoms that feature an aldehyde or a ketone functional group. And that falls into this general kinda one-to-two-to-one ratio of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. And of course I’ll keep using glucose as an example. […]

Primitive Technology: Polynesian Arrowroot Flour

Polynesian arrowroot plant. It has a distinctive appearance, sort of like the potato plant. Also note the distinctive flowers Back at the hut making a basket Fire hardening a digging stick in the furnace Scrapping off the charred wood to form a sharp point This plant is abundant in the hills near the hut, brought […]

Carbohydrates – naming and classification | Chemical processes | MCAT | Khan Academy

– [Voiceover] The term ‘carbohydrate’ refers to a chemical compound made up of carbon atoms that are fully hydrated. So ‘carbo’, for carbon, and ‘hydrate’, for hydration or water. And because these biological molecules are hydrates of carbon, you can find them fitting into the general formula; C, so a number of carbon atoms, n […]