CSCS Exam Prep | 3 TARGETED Nutrition Solutions

CSCS exam prep we are talking nutrition this is the big one -I’ve identified three big areas that people have problems with and we’re gonna fix those and we’re starting right now! What’s going on my name is David Barr and if you want to do well your CSCS exam or you’re looking to get […]

What supplements should you be taking

Alright guys, this is Adrian here again and this is another Brute Shoot. Today we’re going to discuss a question that I’m often asked from athletes that I coach online, that a coach in my gym and that often people off the street just casually ask me because they know i’m in the fitness field […]

Introducing Carbohydrates — Tennis Conditioning Episode 4

Hi, I am Philipp Halfmann. I am the Director of tennis and strength and conditioning at FIT2HIT, and I work with professional athletes for a living. Today I want to talk a little bit today about carbohydrates. Did you ever feel sluggish or almost passed out during a match? That’s because your blood sugar dropped […]

Whey Protein Before Bed | HARMFUL?

Drinking whey protein before bed is potentially HARMFUL? I’m about to show you why and how to FIX it -and we are getting started right now! What is going on? my name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC], if you’re looking to get bigger faster stronger, get leaner, go longer, hit that SUBSCRIBE and then […]

BCAAs: What they are and why you should take them

Welcome back to another episode of knowledge bomb. In this week’s episode we’re going to talk about BCAAs. Chances are you’ve heard about branched-chain amino acids. I believe if you’re training you should be taken advantage of BCAAs. Now let’s talk about why and when you should be taking these. Branched-chain amino acids are essentially […]