How Carbs and Sugar Can Add to Your Waistline

Hi, this is Dr. Chen. Welcome to another Fit Tip. Here is some good news. A new study shows that certain carbohydrates are necessary for healthy weight loss. But which ones are good and which ones are bad? Carbs are necessary to provide energy for all basic functions of the body, including brain function. And […]

What’s the Best Mouthwash?

Blood Sugar and Gut Issues – Podcast #183

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hey, guys. It’s Dr. J here in the house with Evan Brand. Evan, fabulous little Monday here in Austin, Texas. How are you doing? Evan Brand: Happy Monday. I’m jealous. I was looking at the US Current Temperature Map. You’re in like the 70’s, and it’s like freaking snowing here again. We […]

Roy Taylor: Nutritional management and prevention of type 2 diabetes

Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to be here this very significant meeting. So straight to disclosures, none of which will affect any of the opinions I have to express. In response to Fiona’s challenge, I like food and enough of it, because without it my bicycle won’t go. So there is a story in […]

Is Ketosis Dangerous? (Science of Fasting & Low Carb Keto)

Recently, low carb diets, intermittent fasting and even prolonged fasting have become very popular and they all have something in common. They move you towards entering the state of ketosis. Ketosis is a state where your body is running primarily on fat, fat from your diet or your body. Ketogenesis is when Fats are broken […]

Practical Nutrition Update 1 | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

(gentle music) – [Narrator] NPT Reports. Aging Matters. – So Meg, everybody eats cereal, but that’s also one of those hidden things where you can get a lot of sugar real quickly. So give us some good suggestions for cereal. – Okay, so a lot of your front part of your label can be very […]

Diabetes Diet Guidelines : Protein & Blood Sugar for Diabetes

Hi! My name is Brenda Thompson, registered dietitian and owner of Life Skills Nutrition. In this segment, I’m going to talk about protein and blood sugar control. Protein helps low the digestion system down, which in turn, helps slow down the rate of carbohydrate going into the blood stream. It’s a good idea to eat […]

Feeding Your Ants & Ant Nutrition – AntsCanada Tutorial #11 [HD]

[Music] Hello, what’s up? It’s, uh, Mikey Bustos here, Ants Canada once again bringing you another tutorial on behalf of the Ants Canada ant store you know in the past, it’s been a long way for me in terms of getting the You know, I guess, the formula right in caring for ants learning about […]

Macromolecules – Carbohydrates – 3.2 – Biol 189

In this video, we’re going to talk about the molecules that make up cells. Specifically, carbohydrates! As stated in the previous video, life and non-life are made out of the same atoms. What makes them different from each other is how these atoms are organized into molecules. And a specific category of molecules which are […]

How To Increase Your Growth Hormone Levels, Naturally

What’s up athletes!Tthis is Dr. Jason Barker with the Natural Athlete’s Clinic and today we’re going to talk about growth hormone. Very very important hormone in our bodies. We make a lot of it when we’re young to help us grow into adults and when we become adults it’s more scarce. So it does three […]