The Benefits of Coral Calcium : Best Sources of Calcium – VitaLife Show Episode 269

Welcome to the lightlife show I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today I’m talking about the benefits of coral calcium. Now coral calcium is a supplement that you can certainly take and it’s a whole food source for calcium meaning that it has a higher absorption due to its alkalinity and it’s always better to be […]

3 Supplements You Didn’t Know That I’ve Been Taking

– Hey, what’s up? This is another supplement video and today I want to share three supplements I’ve been taking. Now, this is not beginner, alright? This is suitable for strong beginners to intermediate. If you are a person that just started training and you are confused which supplement to get started, I strongly recommend […]

Amino Restore for Erectile Dysfunction hello this is dr. Taylor and I want to tell you about two male patients that I recently saw with erectile dysfunction one was a 50 year old on cialis and the other was a 21 year old college student that had been on antidepressants for anxiety since high school as always understanding how […]

Glutamine for Bodybuilding; Does it work?

Hi guys, Paul from here and today I’m going to talk about glutamine, or L-glutamine as it’s also known, and whether it has any value as a supplement for those of you involved in strength training and body building. I’ll be right back in just a couple of seconds, stick around, don’t go anywhere. […]

D-Chiro-Inositol and PCOS – How Does It Work? (2016 Update)

This is an instructional video about the role that D-chiro-inositol plays in insulin metabolism and polycystic ovarian syndrome. First, let’s introduce some of our important players. The cells we are concerned with are the muscle and fat cells throughout the body and the theca cells of the ovaries, which produce testosterone. The small molecules are […]

What Types of Protein Should I Eat

What types of protein should I eat? When ranking protein quality, scientists measure the amount of Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) relative to the amount of Non-Essential Amino Acids (NEAA’s) in the protein. All the qualities of a protein are put into an equation to calculate the Digestible Indispensable Amino Score (DIAAS). The highest quality proteins […]

John Dye Speaks At ROOFCON About Roofing Insurance Restoration Claim Supplementing

(rock instrumental music) – Anyways, I want to get into some awesome things today and I want to bring you guys as much value as I can because this is what RoofCon is all about. I know you guys are here, you guys are roofers, I’ve been in this industry for a really long time. […]

How to DOMINATE the Retail Roofing Sales Game With Chuck Thokey

(dramatic music) – Welcome to Art of the Supplement, where we discuss all things roofing and construction industry related. I’m your host, John Dye. Today’s guest is Chuck Thokey. Chuck is the founder of Business Success Advisors, where he coaches roofers on how to conquer the retail market. This week’s show is brought to you […]

How Amos Exteriors Uses Balance Claims In Their Supplementing Process

(upbeat rock music) – On average, it’s probably, you know, a couple hours on the onset to get a supplement written and then, at that time, I couldn’t tell you how many times you gotta call the insurance company. It could be five, six, seven, eight times before you get a resolution and it could […]

11 Unadvertised Details the Best Fish Oil (DHA) Supplements That Most People Don’t Know About 2020

There are more than 18.8 million users of the omega 3 supplement in the US. This makes DHA the highly used natural supplement by adults in the US. This means that the market for omega supplements is indeed booming and each day manufacturers are investing branding and marketing so that their products remain as the […]