+SCIENCE: Supplements and HIV Medicine

(bubble pops) – This is Dr. Anu and I’m trying to answer all the questions that you guys have about HIV. So our question of the week is, which supplements, if any, can adversely affect the HIV medication, or the antiretroviral medication that I am currently taking? Essentially, a well-balanced diet can provide you with […]

‘Hulk’ Brothers Risk Death By Injecting Muscle-Building Chemicals | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

COMM: Brothers Alvaro and Tony have been working out since they were teenagers. Now at the ages of 49 and 50, the brothers’ combined weight is a whopping 241 kilograms. The same weight as 4,900 medium chicken eggs. COMM: Alvaro and Tony started to inject a mephentermine-based multi-vitamin stimulant known as Potenay B12 to help […]

Who Shouldn’t Eat Soy?

6 Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements

Best Lifestyle Products Reviews Best Natural Weight Loss Supplements #6 NatureWise CLA 1250, High Potency, Natural Weight Loss Supplement #5 NatureWise Elite 95% CLA 1300mg Maximum Potency, Non-Stimulating, Natural Supplement For Weight Loss #4 NatureWise Clinically Proven Super CitriMax Garcinia Cambogia with 4x Greater Fat Burning & Weight Loss Plus Appetite Control #3 NatureWise Pure […]

Supplements and Health: Sorting the Facts

[MUSIC PLAYING] CAROL HILLS: Welcome. My name is Carol Hills and I’m your moderator today. We’re here to talk, I’m actually the senior producer and reporter for PRI’s The World, and I’m today’s moderator. We’re here to talk about dietary supplements, what they are, whether they’re effective, and whether they’re safe. I want to introduce […]

10 Keys to Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Dr. Axe: Hey guys, we’re going to talk about the 10 keys to overcome chronic pain. And we’re talking about conditions like neck pain, low back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tears of joints, maybe you had an injury in the past and you’re still suffering from that condition, maybe even herniated disc. We’re going to cover […]

Gym Supplements for Beginners | Bulk Nutrients

Okay Sam, myth busting time again. This time we’re looking at new year resolutions. questions. New Year’s question for you… If I’m just starting out at the gym on January 1st, do I need to take masses of supplements? Good question, if you’re starting off it’s better to keep it simple and then build up […]

Supplements & Digestive Cleanses | DR-HO’S

All supplements are made right here in North America in an FDA approved laboratory. Our supplements are well researched and scientifically formulated by experienced professionals. Ingredients are quality tested for purity and potency. They’re also tested for safety and stability. We use only natural ingredients with no artificial fillers. Every bottle is correctly labelled with […]