Polar Flow | How To Use Training Targets With Polar Watches

Adjust the training target phases The training target you just created is shown in your calendar. Have a look at it, and adjust it if needed Next, sync your Polar watch Ready, steady, go ! Sync your watch after your session

G-Protein Coupled Hormone Signal Transduction

This animation depicts the surface view of a target cell and its interaction with a peptide hormone as a model to demonstrate g-protein coupled signal transduction in cells. Peptide hormones generally consist of short chains of amino acids. Because peptide hormones are often quite short, they lack a rigid three-dimensional conformation and are flexible. Peptide […]

FALL DECOR HAUL + HOME TOUR | Easy & Affordable!

(soft music) – Hey HealthNuts, welcome back to my channel. My name is Nicole Goncalves, and today I thought I would switch things up a little bit and instead of doing a normal wellness lifestyle video, I’m gonna do a fall decor video. I don’t do a lot of decor stuff on my channel, mostly […]