Nir Eyal: Pain Killers & Vitamins | Product Design | Udacity

In your book, you’re talking about companies who are painkillers versus vitamins. Can you talk a little bit more about that?>>Sure. So there is kind of this religion about vitamins versus painkillers. What we teach MBAs today, or what entrepreneurs hear when they go out and try and raise venture capital, is that they want […]

Nutrition & Vitamins : What Does Vitamin B Complex Accomplish?

My name is Christine Marqette, and I’m a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about what does Vitamin B Complex accomplish. Vitamin B Complex is actually a combination of all of the different B vitamins from B1 all the way to B12. Now, these B […]

IBD – diet and nutrition

(upbeat music) So I support children and young people with IBD. So if they are struggling to gain weight, maybe because of the disease or because they’re not really feeling that great and don’t really want to eat, I would help support them from that point of view to see what we can do to […]

RIT Leads Community Nutrition Research Program

>>Through a grant that I have from the US Department of Agriculture people who participate in the SNAP program, formerly called the food stamp program, can receive a discount on fresh vegetables that they buy here on the Curbside Market.>>The Curbside Market program is basically a farmer’s market on wheels. We go throughout various neighborhoods. […]

Child Nutrition in Queen Creek Unified School District

Here at the Queen Creek Unified School District we value your child’s education as well as nutrition. That’s why we believe it’s so important to source our produce from locally owned farms in the area as often as possible. I’m very confident about Queen Creek school lunches. My son eats lunch here every day. Sometimes […]

Carbohydrates Part 3: Polysaccharides Continued

Hello college biology. This is carbohydrates part three, which is polysaccharides continued. In our previous video we discussed polysaccharides. We said that they were polymers, which means that they were long molecular chains made out of repeating units. We discussed that monomers were the repeating unit. In the case of cellulose, that monomer was glucose. […]

Best VITAL VITAMINS FOR WOMEN OVER 60 By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. In this segment we will be talking about vital nutrients for women over 60. Most women by the time they are reaching 60, they are almost into menopause and the commonly associated symptoms that we see are joint pains and they have lot of nerve weakness, they are not able […]

Sidekicks Essentials Review | D&D Supplement (DMs Guild)

In this video you get seven new D&D sidekick class options from sidekicks essentials, an expansion on the new official sidekick rules included in the D&D essentials kit. Hi Bob here 🙂 and welcome to Bob World Builder, the D&D channel where we improve our games together! Subscribe for new videos every Wednesday under your […]

Not All Imported Products Sold as “Supplements” Are Safe

Do you use imported dietary supplements or nonprescription drugs? Do you use them because they are labeled in a language you know? Not all imported products sold as dietary supplements or as nonprescription drugs are safe. Some may not work and others have been found to contain hidden chemicals that could hurt or even kill […]

Top 5 Proven Benefits Of Amino Acids For Strength And Recovery

Have you ever wondered why people who exercise and want to build muscle often talk about including protein-rich food in their diet? This video aims to widen your understanding of amino acids, in general, and branched-chain amino acids in particular, and to deepen your appreciation of the health benefits they provide. It seeks to show […]