Vitamins, Minerals and Protein and Fly Control in Cattle Nutrition

Hi I’m Mike. The day to day requirements for cows aren’t many. They need food, they need water, but that doesn’t mean that as the one in charge of them, that’s where it ends. My job is to make sure the cows have what they don’t even know they need, and much like a toddler […]

Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N?

I want to tell you about an essential vitamin you’ve probably never heard of. If you’re a parent, or plan to be one, it might be more important to your child’s growth than all other vitamins combined. And only you, a parent, can provide it. I call it Vitamin N. The word “No.” More and […]

Evidence for time-restricted eating in humans — heart health and improved biomarkers | Satchin Panda

[Rhonda]: So just sort of since we’re talking about this, do we have any human evidence that the people that have, for example, like metabolic syndrome, if they eat within a time-restricted eating window, there’s any benefits to that without changing their food composition? [Satchin]: Well, historically most of these research studies haven’t looked at […]

6 “Vegetarian” Animals that Will Give You Nightmares

[♪ INTRO ] If I asked you to picture a forest, you might envision a sunny grove with some deer gently nibbling on leaves as they mosey on through. But those deer could actually be searching for a baby bird or two to munch on. Yes, deer can be carnivorous. In fact, many supposed plant-eaters […]

Introduction to Acids, Bases & Salts

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this? Well, you must be like, this is sweet. Bitter gourd is bitter. Salty, sour and so on. So the first thing that comes to your mind while looking at these things is the taste. We generally associate these things with taste. […]

Testing for amines and amino acids

Aliphatic amines is dissociating water to a similar extent to ammonia so they produce alkaline solutions. Aromatic amines are much weaker basis yet they will form water soluble salts with strong acids. If the resolution resulting from adding some methyl orange indicator to dilute hydrochloric acid is shaken with a naming the color will change […]

This Parasitic Plant Stole Over 100 Genes From Other Plants | SciShow News

This episode of SciShow News is supported by NordVPN. Head over to to learn more about virtual private networks and internet security. [♪ INTRO] Plants might seem kind of dull and boring, but they are full of intrigue. And two new papers published this week showed just how manipulative and cunning they can be. […]

Why These Weird Carnivores Smell Like Popcorn

[ ♪ ] Wander through the forests of southeast Asia, and you might suddenly wonder if there’s a movie theatre nearby. That’s because parts of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia are home to the binturong — a cat-like carnivore with pee that smells like buttered popcorn. Yum? Binturongs—or bearcats as they’re sometimes called, though they […]

Perfect Amino Study Confirms Only 8 Essential Amino Acids & 99& Utilization Of PerfectAmino

Hi guys. Dr. Minkoff here. I got some hot dope in my hand that’s really exciting and I’m just gonna give you a brief overview because there’s gonna be more to follow. But basically it’s this; we did a study looking at PerfectAmino to determine a couple things. One is: Is it well absorbed in […]