Making BIG CHUNGUS in Polymer Clay!

(upbeat electronic dance music) – Hi guys, today we gonna create Big Chungus. So let’s get started guys. As you see I’m gonna be making Big Chungus from my waste clay that I store for like a year or something. I remember that last time when I was using waste clay it was on the […]

Genetics – Central Dogma of Life – Lesson 17

Imagine we have a beautiful article with us. What if we want to make a copy of it? The best way would be to make use of a cast or a mould. Similar strategies are used by ourselves. The most important task for a cell is to synthesize proteins based on the codes in DNA. […]

Leviathan (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create Leviathan, the new legendary skin from Fortnite. Are you ready for one of my most difficult and craziest tutorials, which I have ever created? Well… you decided in the last poll that I should create Leviathan which is the new […]

Mechanisms of DNA Damage and Repair

Professor Dave again, let’s learn about the mechanisms of DNA damage and repair. As we’ve learned, your DNA is the template from which everything inside you is built, so it’s incredibly important that nothing happens to this code. But your DNA is constantly at risk of mutation, which means a change to the genetic information […]

SBr2 Lewis Structure – How to Draw the Dot Structure for SBr2 (Sulfur dibromide)

Hi, this is Dr. B. Let’s do the Lewis structure for SBr2: sulfur dibromide. On the periodic table, Sulfur is in group 6, sometimes called 16; and Bromine is in group 7, sometimes called 17. We have two Bromines, though, so let’s multiply that times 2. Six plus 14 is 20. So we have 20 […]

Isolated Japanese Inn, Kaiseki & Sulfur Onsen & unique Rest Station travel plan

Today’s Friday and I have to go for a worked trip to Tochigi. We will be back tomorrow but my dog Charlie has to go to a pet hotel. He cannot you cannot stay alone. We will get him back on Sunday morning also we are coming back tomorrow. The pet hotel actually costs the […]

deprotonation of ketones with LDA to make enolates

Hello from Chem Help ASAP. Let’s see how we use LDA to make enolates from ketones. [turn page] We have two reactions on the screen. The top one is how we make LDA. The bottom one is how we use LDA to make an enolate. OK, when chemists use LDA, they can’t just pull a […]

Sanger Sequencing

The first method of sequencing the genetic code was devised by Fred Sanger. To sequence the DNA, it must first be separated into two strands. This strand to be sequenced is copied using chemically altered basis. These altered bases cause the copying process to stop each time one particular letter is incorporated into the growing […]

9.10: Genetic Algorithm: Continuous Evolutionary System – The Nature of Code

Hello and welcome to one more video about genetic algorithms. This probably won’t be my last video ever about genetic algorithms because I do have some more in my head that I’m planning to do at some point but this does kind of wrap up a bunch of the range of ideas that I’ve been […]