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– Here we have a titration curve for the titration of 50 milliliters of 0.200 molar of acetic acid, and to our acetic solution we’re adding some 0.0500 molar sodium hydroxide. So once again we’re putting pH in the Y axis, and down here in the X axis is the milliliters of base that we […]

Strong Acid-Base Titration

PROFESSOR: Titration is the process of reacting acid and base together. And I do that in a controlled way. So I can take an acid solution and a base. The acid solution will originally have low pH, a high acid concentration. As you add base, that base will react with the acid and lower that […]

23. Acid-base titrations

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Quantitative Estimation – MeitY OLabs

Quantitative estimation Quantitative estimation is a commonly used laboratory technique. It is used to determine the unknown concentration of a sample by measuring its volume. The main process of this analysis is called titration. In a titration, a solution of unknown concentration is reacted with a solution of known concentration. The solution of known concentration […]


Note : Its orange red in acidic medium

Titration of a Weak Acid

PROFESSOR: The reaction of a weak acid with a strong base can be followed by what’s called a titration curve, where we plot the pH of the solution and how that changes versus how much base we’ve added. Now, the reaction goes because the reaction of the weak acid and the strong base forms water. […]

#02 Biochemistry Buffers Lecture for Kevin Ahern’s BB 450/550

Kevin Kevin Ahern: Alright! Good deal. Let’s see. A couple things. Somebody asked if I would send, or several people asked if I would send matching, problems for the 6th edition of the textbook compared to the 7th and I did that and hopefully that’s helpful to you. As I noted in my e-mail, sometimes […]

Titration of a Weak Base

PROFESSOR: Let’s look at the titration curve of a weak base with a strong acid. In this case, the reaction will be driven by the reaction of a base with a strong acid to form water. The formation of water is favored. So this reaction lies far towards products. And basically, every mole of acid […]

3. Kevin Ahern’s Biochemistry – Amino Acids

Professor Kevin Ahern: Ready for the weekend? Class: Yes! Professor Kevin Ahern: Nobody’s ready for the weekend? Student: I am! [laughing] Professor Kevin Ahern: I will register one. One is ready for the weekend. Alright so, a couple of things. Number one, I had several people ask me About problem number 18 in chapter 1. […]