Macromolecules: Lipids, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acid, Excerpt 2 | MIT 7.01SC Fundamentals of Biology

Monomer of nucleic acids is called a nucleotide, which I will abbreviate NTIDE. And a nucleotide comprises three parts– a phosphate, a sugar, and a base. Phosphate, sugar, base –that we will abbreviate P-S-B. The polymer of nucleotides makes up ribonucleic acid, RNA; or deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA. You need to know the full names of […]

Gene Expression Simplified – General Biology – Transcription & Translation – Protein Synthesis

hi everyone it’s dr. Jory this video is designed for students in general biology who are studying gene expression the central dogma I cover the three steps of transcription and translation if you like the video please SMASH that like button, subscribe to the channel and enjoy! How did the RNApolymerase know where to go? […]

Transcription and Translation for a Template Strand

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial we are going to discuss transcription and translation problems in particular in this tutorial we will consider the case where you were given the template strand sequence and you were asked to determine what the resulting mRNA would be assuming the template strand was transcribed and what the […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 19. Transcription & Translation

>>Happy Friday, everyone. Everybody wants to have extra credit today, I know. I know they do. Well, I have to be a little careful with this. I have a– there’s a fairly large group of students that have gone to a meeting, today who were very responsible and told me about this before the meeting. […]

The Central Dogma of Biology

The DNA double helix contains two linear sequences of the letters A C G and T, which carry coded instructions. Transcription of DNA begins with a bundle of factors assembling at the start of a gene, to read off the information that will be needed to make a protein. The blue molecule is unzipping the […]

DNA; codon or anticodon?

DNA is the blueprint of life. The codon DNA is transcribed to RNA and the RNA is translated into protein. DNA is a double strand of complimentary bases. But which strand is the codon and which strand is the anticodon. It starts with a protein transcription factor finding the gene promoter, a very specific sequence […]

Transcription and Translation ANIMATION – MADE EASY

Transcription is the process of making RNA from a DNA template. Several key factors are involved in this process. Including; DNA, Transcription factors, RNA polymerase, and ATP. Transcription begins with a strand of DNA. It is divided into several important regions. The largest of these is the transcription unit. This portion of the DNA will […]

Genes to Proteins

Nearly every traits we possess from hair and eye color, to height and shoe size is determined by our genes, genes are small segments of DNA that code for proteins. Proteins perform many functions in our body, some proteins serves as component of our cell membranes, other proteins make up the structures our bodies like […]

Transcription and Translation: From DNA to Protein

Hey it’s professor Dave, let’s talk about DNA transcription and translation. Now that we understand the structure of DNA it’s time to understand exactly how this molecule codes for a particular organism. How is it that a single cell containing a specific set of genetic material will result in the development of a fish or […]

Ahern’s BB 350 at OSU – 15. DNA Replication

A little late today. I had an interview. I was interviewing students for something I had to be at, so. But I’m here. Everybody ready for a weekend? Yeah, let’s get this over with, huh? OK, I’ll do what I can. So I want to finish talking about nucleic acids in general. Then we’ll start […]