Polar | Science and Smart Coaching

So, at Polar we refer to ourselves as the Pioneers of sports wearable technology. We consider that to be very justified for example if you go back to 1977 with the creation of the first wireless heart rate tracking device for athletes and their coaches. And the point also here is that it’s not just […]

Which Polar Device Is Right For You? | A Triathlon Multisport Watch Overview

– With so many watches and other options on the market, finding the right one for you, can be a pretty daunting task. So thanks to our partners at Polar, today in this video, we’re going to be comparing three very different devices. From a general activity level watchless app, all the way through to […]

GTN Unboxing: NEW Polar Vantage Multisport Watches

[Boomy Electronic Music] – What a day. What an unboxing I have in store for you. Because today’s unboxing involves two brand new products that are literally being released today. And those products come from a partner of the channel, Polar. We have the Polar Vantage V. We also have the Vantage M. And as […]

Inside The Polar Factory – The History Of Heart Rate Monitors

– Most of us measure our training using some sort of device or app, and probably take for granted the science behind it. Recording heart rate, for example, has become one of the more obvious parameters to use when you’re analysing your efforts in training or a race, but where did all of this start? […]

Polar Vantage V | How Lucy Charles-Barclay trains with data

When I came into triathlon I learned the hard way that more is not better in triathlon. There is a lot more planning involved in your training. There is a lot more… Based around your body you are pushing it to its limits day in day out. You really do have to plan your training […]

Unboxing The Orca RS1 Swimskin | Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Kit

– Welcome back to another GTN unboxing, Now how would you like it if I told you that in this box I had something that could make you swim faster, swim more easily and look pretty cool whilst doing it? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it is because this is the new RS1 swimskin from […]

How To Use Triathlon Aid Stations | Nutrition & Other Race Day Tips

(funky dance music) – I’m here at the aid station of Ironman Frankfurt, the European Championships. Now, I thought we could run through the aid station today, share some tips, tricks, and some methods to going through the aid station in the best way possible. Also taking a look at how some of the athletes […]

Triathlon Nutrition Plan Part 3: Water vs Electrolytes vs Gatorade vs Coconut vs All-in-One

– Hey, what’s up triathlon traniacs. Triathlon Taren here with your daily triathlon video helping you nail your training, your racing, becoming a better triathlete, hopefully resulting in having a more enjoyable life in the end. Today, is the third part of our series where we’re taking you through figuring out and nailing your triathlon […]

Triathlon Taren VS Matt Dixon’s approach to TRIATHLON RACE NUTRITION

– Morning, trainiacs. So since meeting up with Coach Matt Dixon and the Purple Patch Pro Triathlon team down in Scottsdale. I have been doing a little bit of work with them, so I’ve been devouring that as I’m about to talk about nutrition. A lot of Matt Dixon’s podcasts, writing, blog posts, all of […]


– [Taren] What’s up triathlon trainiacs? Triathlon Taren here, with your daily triathlon video, where I help you become a better triathlete, get the most out of your training and racing, and then, hopefully translate that onto being a awesome-er person, just in life. Triathlon’s like a gateway drug, let’s do it. So today, in […]