THE TRUTH about whey protein supplement companies DON’T TELL YOU

– Morning Trainiacs, just a cozy little one mile swim there. Nothing very serious, just a little bit of speed as we’re in the off-season to make sure that my body doesn’t forget how to turn its arms over quickly. So over the last couple weeks I have noticed some adverse reactions with a whey […]


– [Taren] Morning Trainiacs. Huge brick workout today. (mumbles) And we are gonna get all the nutrition ready right now. I’m gonna show you what that nutrition is. (exciting music) Okay, so we have about a two and half hour bike. And then, a ten minute run and then after that, probably gonna do about […]

Triathlon Nutrition Plan Part 4: Gels vs Chews vs Bars vs Liquid

– Hey, what’s up triathlon traniacs. Triathlon Taren here with your daily triathlon video helping you nail your training, your racing, hopefully, become a better triathlete which then, hopefully, results in a funner, more daring and enjoyable life. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Today, in the fourth and final video in our “Figure Out Your Race […]

5 Supplements For Triathletes | An Introduction To Nutritional Supplements In Triathlon

– What is a supplement? In simple terms, it’s something that you take along side your normal food that will help your overall well being and also to make sure that your body meets its nutritional demands. So in this video, we’re going to be going into a little more detail as to exactly what […]

Triathlon Hacks Used By Professional Triathletes | Racing, Nutrition & Travel Tips

– Over the years of racing I learned a bunch of useful tips and tricks from fellow friends who are in the sport. But what is it about those professional athletes? What do they do in their daily training routines and race preparations that sets them aside? Well today, I’m gonna share with you some […]


(birds chirping) (wheels clicking) – [Man] Yeah! Mornin’, Trainiacs. That was just a nice little cruisy Saturday morning. I think 82k kind of ride Just kept nice and breezy. Really no calories, only thing that’s in here are exogenous ketones and amino acids. That’s all I took. Throughout the entire ride. Nothing but that. Three […]

How much protein is in PerfectAmino, compared to food and whey? A clear, simple explanation.

How much actual protein is in PerfectAmino as compared to Dietary Foods? The real question is how much of it can the body actually utilize? Here’s your answer: in only two small scoops of PerfectAminoXP or 10 tablets of PerfectAmino you’re getting the equivalent of 20 grams of Protein from Eggs, 30 grams of Protein […]