Triathlon Nutrition Plan Part 3: Water vs Electrolytes vs Gatorade vs Coconut vs All-in-One

– Hey, what’s up triathlon traniacs. Triathlon Taren here with your daily triathlon video helping you nail your training, your racing, becoming a better triathlete, hopefully resulting in having a more enjoyable life in the end. Today, is the third part of our series where we’re taking you through figuring out and nailing your triathlon […]

Triathlon Taren VS Matt Dixon’s approach to TRIATHLON RACE NUTRITION

– Morning, trainiacs. So since meeting up with Coach Matt Dixon and the Purple Patch Pro Triathlon team down in Scottsdale. I have been doing a little bit of work with them, so I’ve been devouring that as I’m about to talk about nutrition. A lot of Matt Dixon’s podcasts, writing, blog posts, all of […]


– [Taren] What’s up triathlon trainiacs? Triathlon Taren here, with your daily triathlon video, where I help you become a better triathlete, get the most out of your training and racing, and then, hopefully translate that onto being a awesome-er person, just in life. Triathlon’s like a gateway drug, let’s do it. So today, in […]

Triathlon Training Nutrition on a Bike and Run Day

– So, today’s a tough day. Chia seeds for fun, pfft, leafs. Whoo, whoo, pfft, whoo. You know, I’m just gonna get right into this workout. I’m gonna tell you about it when we go. (bright electronic music) The fire man race pace for me is gonna end up being around 70 to 75% of […]

Triathlon Nutrition Plan Part 1: BIGGEST race day MISTAKES triathletes make

– Hey what’s up triathlon trainiacs? Triathlon Taren here with your daily triathlon video helping you race like a pro, And basically just be a better version of yourself through the magic of triathlon. Today we’re going to do the first of a four part series, and over the next four days, what we’re gonna […]

Triathlon Nutrition Strategy I Had No Idea About For Ironman Campeche 70.3

– Holy buck futter. (whooshing) That’s Squid. (whooshing) Where else would you get your salt? (whooshing) Mornin’, trainiacs. It is brutal cold outside this morning in Winnipeg. I think it’s minus 21 Celsius. And we have our last weekend run. It’s only about eight miles, like 13 kilometers, but I’m not a fan of winter […]

24 Hour Triathlon Nutrition Plan for Beginners

Hey What’s up guys Taren here if you’re getting ready for your first triathlon you’re not sure how to approach the nutrition aspect of it as far as what you should eat the day before and the day of the race stick around because we’re going to go through at the 24 hours leading up […]


– Morning trainiacs, figured I’d be a genius and get to the pool really early here, and it’s like a boiling cauldron of high-performance kids. Apparently I’ve got to split a lane with one of ’em. This isn’t going to go well. But it’s just a floaty pants kind of recovery day so, there’s nothing […]

Triathlon Training Nutrition: Overnight Oats for BIG Workouts

(swing music) – My shirt is slightly Eastery, I didn’t plan that, but I’ll take it. (swoosh) Shake ’em all. (swoosh) (swing music) And there we have delicious sustenance for a marathon swim. There’s nothing spectacularly about it, it’s overnight oats with poached eggs on top. It’s a Gwen Jorgensen special. I’m gonna spend a […]

Triathlon Nutrition for Vegans and Gluten-Free Triathletes

– I think the longest run ever. Start the run 55th. Make it super delicious. The kiwi’s a little tight? (funky music) Morning gang. It’s Saturday. That means it’s long run day, preceded by a short bike. Legs are smashed from yesterday. I think that the long run is gonna be a little tough, ’cause […]