Making BIG CHUNGUS in Polymer Clay!

(upbeat electronic dance music) – Hi guys, today we gonna create Big Chungus. So let’s get started guys. As you see I’m gonna be making Big Chungus from my waste clay that I store for like a year or something. I remember that last time when I was using waste clay it was on the […]

Polymer Clay Betta Fish

so I posted these polymer clay fish that I made they’re Betta fish -on a facebook page and I got a lot of attention on it a lot of people asked me how i make them so today I’ve decided to show you how I how I do them you might also know them as […]

Experimental GREEN Flash Powder

Hey guys welcome back I’m Nate. Thank you for joining me today on the king of random here in the studio We love a good science experiment. I’ve learned about a good one recently that I want to try out It’s very simple But should be fun some of you may be familiar with a […]

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020 ¡Acceso gratuito! Del 3 al 9 de marzo | ELEOJOTA00

Do you want to learn from 19 polymer clay artists from around the world? Now you can do it from home… FOR FREE! These are the 19 artists that participate in this event, starting March 3rd and me In my masterclass you will learn how to make this necklace, how to choose the perfect color […]

Macros and The Keto Calculator

when you’re first getting acquainted with a ketogenic diet there’s a lot to learn one of the first things to wrap your head around is the concept of macros and using the keto calculator while these might sound like foreign terms don’t worry we’re going to help break them down for you so you can […]

9.9: Genetic Algorithm: Interactive Selection – The Nature of Code

Hello, welcome to another genetic algorithms’ video.. boy I seem to be making a lot of these genetic algorithm’s videos recently this is.. in this video I’m going to explore something called interactive selection. The idea is a lot of ideas behind interactive selection pioneered by Karl Sims, here is a reference to an artwork […]

How to make SPRINGTRAP ➤ FNaF 3 ★ Tutorial Polymer clay ✔ Porcelana fria

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Miniature Teeth/Dentures Sculpture from Polymer Clay // Fimo Tutorial