What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body?

it’s interesting when we design our studies we provide diets that are high in starch and then we take away that starch and replaced it with sugar why do we even see such unfavorable effects when we replace pasta or bread with a fructose sweetened beverage or let’s even say high fructose corn syrup sweetened […]

Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 07: Skeletal System

MARIAN DIAMOND: Good morning. How is everybody this morning? Lots of smiley faces, I see. You slept well, did you? Sort of. I thought I’d review just a little bit about osteoarthritis, because it’s so common that you should be– you have it. Yeah, so one in the front row has. Osteoarthritis. Let me get […]

Integrative Biology 131 – Lecture 03: Skeletal System

MARIAN DIAMOND: Good morning. I don’t know if I said in the introduction, but I expect all of you to get As in this course, and we come pretty close to that at the end because we review and we review and review. So if you do your part, I’ll do my part. My heart’s […]

Predicting Acid Strength II

PROFESSOR: Acid strength depends on a variety of factors. One of those factors is the polarity of the bond involving the hydrogen. So if you look at a series of compounds like this, this OH bond becomes more polar as you add more oxygens around this chlorine. You’re effectively adding more electron withdrawing groups, so […]