How to kick the Sugar Addiction

Are you addicted to sugar you’re not the only one question is? How do you break free? If there’s one thing in nutrition everybody agrees with its we eat too much sugar refined carbohydrates They’re everywhere white table sugar, obviously But also added sugar in every processed product at the store from cookies to tomato […]

How to EAT HEALTHY & Lose Weight | A Beginner’s Guide to Nutrition

Future Whey Is Now Vegan | Bulk Nutrients

I’m Ella Martyn, Bulk Nutrients ambassador and WBFF Fitness Pro and we are excited to announce that Future Whey is now 100% vegan. As you know Future Whey represents the latest in supplement technology we’ve utilized 100% free form amino acids to create a drink that’s refreshing and tasty and packed full of pure protein […]

How to Transition to a Plant-Based​ Diet

Namaskar Today I’d like to talk about making the transition to a plant-based diet. Most of us are aware now of the quadruple benefits of the plant-based diet; for our physical health, the research shows that those that take vegetarian diet have lower incidence of cancer heart disease high blood pressure, they live longer. For […]

YOUR KIDS WILL EAT THIS BROCCOLI (and NO, it’s not smothered in CHEESE – it’s HEALTHY)!

Hello! I’m way overdue for another episode of, gosh what did I even decide to name this, Simple and Healthy Mom? Simple and Healthy Mama! Okay, anyway…here we are. So, I thought I would make a video while I was actually cooking my kids’ lunch because sometimes you’re just in that much of a hurry […]

Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr Michael Greger of

Where do vegans like me get our vitamin D? Well, from the sun, of course. I mean c’mon. Can’t you tell? Can you? Probably not… Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. Vitamin D is of course associate with the sun, but with estimates of around 70% of the […]

7 HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING ALOE VERA JUICE! | Holistic Nutrition | Wellness Wednesday

My name is Melissa and I’m motivated to keep consciously fit as a collective whole. Today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of aloe vera juice. Now, I have this Lakewood Organic, 100% Pure Aloe Vera juice, which is very important. Make sure it’s organic and 100% pure. This one happens to have […]

Champion Juicer vs Omega 8004 Nutrition Center Juice Off Comparison

This is John Kohler with Today, I have another exciting episode for you. It’s time for another juice-off. I love my juice-offs and the juice-offs are where I compare two juicers, side by side, using the same amount, exact, of produce, so that you guys can see the yield. After all, yield is just […]

Pantothenic Acid, Part 2 (Testing, Food, and Supplements) | Mastering Nutrition #66

I’m dr. Chris master John of Chris master John PhD comm and I’m here with Alex leaf Hey and you are listening to episode 66 of mastering nutrition where we talk about pantothenic acid part 2 foods lab tests and supplements this is a spring nutrition with Chris master job take control of your health […]