Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin: Chemistry in its Element podcast

The Chemistry in its Element podcast Curious tales of chemical compounds It’s January, a new year and a new start, maybe even a new you? Perhaps you’ve started going to the gym, you’ve picked up the musical instrument that you’ve lost the knack for or resolved to bake more often. And like that discount trial […]

Migraine Success Secrets #12 “Essential Fatty Acids”

Hi, Dr. McCarthy here I want to welcome you to Migraine Success Secret number 12. Today we’re going to talk about essential fatty acids. Most of you have heard of this at some point now, it’s a catchword, everyone’s heard of it at least commonly called fish oil or omega-3 supplements and everyone knows that […]

How bitter melon affects your mental health

Hi everyone! And Welcome or welcome back to our Channel! Have you ever thought that eating out can affect your mental health? The lack of vitamins and minerals affect the level of concentration, anxiety but also part of the other functions of our brain. Besides the fact that our body is subjected daily to various […]

The Body Cannot Make These Essential Nutrients

In human nutrition science has identified about 40 nutrients the body must have. These nutrients must be included in our diet because the body cannot make them and they’re available in no other way. Without these essential nutrients the body cannot make everything else it must produce on its own to meet its needs. Of […]

Vitamin B Documentary Essential Element of Life

Before continuing with deep introduction of various B vitamins and understanding how important, they are for human boy in various ways, here is a list of all eight B vitamins along with their short introduction: Vitamin B1 Scientific name of Vitamin B1 is thiamine. Vitamin B1 is a coenzyme. Coenzyme can be found in catabolism […]

What Dietary Supplements Do You Take?

hey guys its Jordan Nevels back and today I’m gonna go over the number one frequent question that I get and that is what do you take alright so what do you take supplement wise what do you use what do you eat you’re a whole routine what does that look like so today I’m […]

Enjoy Pure, Non-GMO, Vitamin-Packed, Vegan Nutrition with Lewis Lakes Brewer’s Yeast!

Hey everyone, it’s Kim from Lucky Vitamin here to talk to you today about my Lucky Pick, Lewis Labs Brewer’s Yeast also known as nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast really is best known as being a great source for vegans for vitamin B12, which you can’t commonly find in other vegetarian products, as well as having […]

FINISHER – A Green Planet Product Overview

Thank you for checking out Green Planet’s Finisher. Finisher is a totally unique product used to create flower size and enhance flavor and taste. Designed for the latest stages of bloom, this is one of the only products recommended to use in your flush, although it’s not considered a flushing agent because of it’s low […]

Myths About the Effects of Vitamin Mineral Supplements