🏥 PICC Line Placement & Starting TPN: IV Nutrition 💉 (5/2/18)

– My TPN officially started, and PICC line officially in. (lively music) Good Wednesday morning, everyone. It is 5:30 a.m. just had some medication. Had my vitals taken, and when I woke up this morning I immediately felt like, what’s going on today? Something is definitely happening. And then I remembered this morning I’m getting […]

Someone SPRAY PAINTED My Audi R8! *Caught On Camera*

this is what my car looks like what up everybody how you guys doing today as you can see in the background there were so many cars here we were back at homies place he’s like 30 cars this is ridiculous every time I come here I just like can’t get over how insane this […]


(birds chirping) (wheels clicking) – [Man] Yeah! Mornin’, Trainiacs. That was just a nice little cruisy Saturday morning. I think 82k kind of ride Just kept nice and breezy. Really no calories, only thing that’s in here are exogenous ketones and amino acids. That’s all I took. Throughout the entire ride. Nothing but that. Three […]

Depression & Anxiety Life Hacks – Anne’s Letter to Self

If you’re reading this, you either had the good sense to open this letter yourself, or someone else noticed you were cracking and is currently making you read it. Hi. It seems you are currently broken. That’s okay. We’ve been here before. We’ve gotten through this before. I know your mind is clenched and raw […]

Vitamin D Cured my Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR Reflux/ Silent Reflux)

Hey guys how are you my name is Gus and this is my first YouTube video, or Vlog, or whatever you want to call it Alright, let’s get to the point… If you have LPR I highly suggest that you go to your doctor, do some blood work, and see where you stand with your […]

Care/of Vitamins

it’s possible that I’m way more excited about these vitamins than the average person is so I recently heard about the company care of through Amy landino and Anna Akana which I am super fangirls of both of them so the fact that both of them recommended these vitamins at the same time I was […]

✨🤘🏾✨ HELP! Opinion Poll+Fun New Packets 💥🦄💥

Leda Lum’s Apotheca and today i want to show and share a new thing from perfect supplements hydrolyzed collagen the most fundamental supplement that I take and love and also i want to ask you a few questions opinion poll of names for my skincare line,YAY! hi guys! Hi. new fandangled thing from perfect supplements. […]

DNA is Amazing || Mayim Bialik

– He has my eyes. Blue on the outside, greenish blue in the middle, with flecks of brown and gold throughout. It looks like we cloned my eyeballs. But he doesn’t see red or green the way that I do. My first born son is a genetic anomaly. He’s colorblind. He scans people’s faces for […]