TRUE Friends vs KAMINE Friends.. |#Fun #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

pay for this No you give the money I’ll pay if I’ve it I want this color Bhaiya pack it… why are you staring at me…I keep money in case of emergency do it fast am I looking good na… you too have friends like these?? some good one and fake but you are our […]

Triathlon Taren VS Matt Dixon’s approach to TRIATHLON RACE NUTRITION

– Morning, trainiacs. So since meeting up with Coach Matt Dixon and the Purple Patch Pro Triathlon team down in Scottsdale. I have been doing a little bit of work with them, so I’ve been devouring that as I’m about to talk about nutrition. A lot of Matt Dixon’s podcasts, writing, blog posts, all of […]

My Vitamin and Supplement Routine

[Intro Muisc] Hey Stars and welcome back to Just Fizzstah So I’m going to be doing a video talking about my…. vitamins as you can see from the title. Firstly let’s just start with, I don’t take that many perscribed medications anymore If you’ve watched my previous videos, in one of my health updates I […]

Triathlon Training Nutrition on a Bike and Run Day

– So, today’s a tough day. Chia seeds for fun, pfft, leafs. Whoo, whoo, pfft, whoo. You know, I’m just gonna get right into this workout. I’m gonna tell you about it when we go. (bright electronic music) The fire man race pace for me is gonna end up being around 70 to 75% of […]

Triathlon Nutrition Strategy I Had No Idea About For Ironman Campeche 70.3

– Holy buck futter. (whooshing) That’s Squid. (whooshing) Where else would you get your salt? (whooshing) Mornin’, trainiacs. It is brutal cold outside this morning in Winnipeg. I think it’s minus 21 Celsius. And we have our last weekend run. It’s only about eight miles, like 13 kilometers, but I’m not a fan of winter […]