History-Changing Archaeological Finds

From hidden cities to long buried treasure, these incredible archaeological finds changed everything. Some of them may sound familiar, some you may never have heard of at all, but they all rewrote the history books. When you think about the Stone Age, you probably think about cavemen with crude stone tools. You probably don’t imagine […]

Defacing Red, White, and Royal Blue

[music] Unfortunately, my camera stopped recording here, and I did not notice. The rest of this was done while the camera was off. ***(I would like to personally blame Dinkleberg)*** [music]

Vince Vaughn’s Polar Plunge

– You look fantastic, Vince. – Thank you. – You look so dapper and dressed up and everything. I know why, but we’ll talk about that in a minute. We’ll talk about the hilarious movie. “Unfinished Business” is so funny, y’all. You have to see this movie. – Oh, well, thank you. – Really, really […]

What Did People Use for Birth Control Before Condoms and the Pill?

Pregnancy prevention around the world has a lengthy history that includes many surprisingly effective but occasionally lethal methods of contraception.  Early contraceptive options offered an array of colorful, creative (and in some cases, incredibly smelly) choices that included innovative options in barrier devices, spermicides, and oral contraceptives. Beyond these devices and substances, one of the […]

Autonomous Polar Robot Helps with Airplane Safety

(bass thumping beat) – The flight that started this was in September of 2017 and there was a plane that took off at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. It was headed to LAX when it had an inflight emergency while it was over the Greenland ice sheet. One of the engines just came apart […]

Wild Kingdom | Polar Bears of Churchill Manitoba | Then & Now

welcome to mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom settled on the western shore of Hudson Bay lies Churchill Manitoba here where temperatures can dip to 30 below Fahrenheit this tiny outpost has the distinction of no other place on earth it’s the polar bear capital of the world in search of polar bears Wild Kingdom travelled […]

Dépression – Maintenant, ça va [1]

Before, I thought that I was monstrous in all respects. Monstrous inside, monstrous outside. Monstrous in every conceivable way. And I thought that nothing could save me from that monster. I live in the depths of a cave inhabited by a monster Or rather I survive, since the monster is me With every step I […]

Dr. Nick Delgado talks Nutrition in Newport Feb 2010 Part 6

Nick: — loss later. The truth is that they took a group of monkeys and they put them with food ad lib where they could eat as much as they wanted. They were actually healthy food, well-selected healthy food, and some of the monkeys remained fit and lean throughout their entire lifetime. They actually monitored […]

Experiment – 50th Anniversary Exhibition for Byrd Polar Research Center

Experiment… By its very nature, science and research involves experimentation. Over time, the experiments have changed in response to the different questions asked. Some experiments may be considered failures initially, but provide the sparks for revolutionary ideas and creative thinking. Because of experimentation, we have a better understanding of our world, leading to breakthrough scientific […]

2020: 128 Billion Coca Cola bottles Causing Havoc| Explain| Harf Ba Harf

Plastic: Man’s second most dangerous invention after atom bomb. Whether or not an atom bomb will destroy a city again is not certain, but if plastic were to continue to be used, wildlife would disappear in the next 50 years. And if the animals were not there, would the world be worth living? Music-Please Subscribe […]