What really Happens when you Drink Water with Meal? Should you Drink Water with Meals? | Da Veganry

Water prevents dry mouth after workout. Lily drinks water a lot because it promotes good blood circulation. It helps her to have a good bowel movement. And most importantly, it maintains her young supple skin. And it never fails her for years! She eats fruits and vegetables everyday, She loves to eat salad. She also […]

How To Properly Remove Dirt, Salt & Grime! – Chemical Guys

– Two, one. What’s up guys? You’re here with Ricardo at the Detail Garage, (stuttering) the, the. What’s up guys? You’re here with your boy Ricardo from Chemical Guys Detail Garage. Today we’re gonna be cleaning up this Honda Accord 2016. I took it up to Big Bear, you know, it was snowing the couple […]

Howard Dryden: Save the oceans and we save the planet

okay so I’d like to start by asking you all to take two deep breaths okay never be relaxed well one of those breasts came from the oceans from small plants called phytoplankton now the phytoplankton are the lungs of the planet they produce most of our oxygen and indeed more than 70% of our […]

Drinking Alkaline Water Is Dumb | A Doctor Reacts To Stupid Health Fads

Hey guys, ZDoggMD. I got a Mr. Clean thing going on, ’cause (snaps) ladies love Mr. Clean. Anyways, alkaline water, it’s bullshit. Am I done here? (Tom laughs) Do I really need to explain to you why alkaline water is a complete waste of your money? God gives you free water. Some random hippie sells […]

Hydrophobic Soil & Wetting Agents | Jimboomba Turf

Thanks to the continued dry weather we’ve seen more and more cases that are affected by dry and hydrophobic soil. Hydrophobic soil repels water causing it to pool and runoff. The soil is unable to absorb the water and the grass misses out on the moisture. This can lead to lawns drying out, and even […]

How rattlesnakes’ scales help them sip rainwater from their bodies – Headline Science

During storms, some rattlesnakes drink rain droplets from scales on their backs. This unusual behavior could help them survive when water is scarce. Now, researchers have figured out how the nanotexture of scales from these snakes helps them use their bodies to harvest rain. They report their results in in ACS Omega. The western diamondback […]