Learn recipes that pack a nutritious punch for National Nutrition Month

♪music♪ Hi and welcome to the Miami VA’s Healthy Teaching Kitchen. My name is Glicer Cuardrado-Umbaugh and I am a dietitian in the outpatient clinic. We’re here with Chef Techner Welcome everybody and today we’re planning to make a Southwestern Chicken Wrap and a Green Smoothie. I hope you enjoy it.

What’s Next in Nutrition: An Introduction to Bauman College

The culinary arts and nutrition together is powerful. Most people are just teaching cooking. Or they’re just teaching nutritional sciences. We’re bringing it together with practical application and we’re teaching people good business. We’re independent, we’re non-dogmatic We integrate information that comes today with information and experience that is timeless. Because we focus a lot […]

Researchers from U.S., Britain engineer enzyme to improve plastic-eating ability

The world is still reeling after China,… which once imported millions of tons of foreign plastic,… recently banned waste shipments from its shores. Fortunately,… help may be on the way. A group of scientists in Britain and the U.S. say they might’ve found a way to deal with the world’s mounting problem with plastic waste. […]