Protein aap sahi tarh se le pate he

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TYPES OF PROTEIN (IN HINDI) | प्रोटीन के प्रकार

CASEIN AND WHEY PROTEIN cheese making process seperates the 2 proteins whey gets digested in 20 mins casein gets digested in 3-4 hours whey is anabolic meaning fast acting casein is anti catabolic meaning slow digesting casein is anti catabolic meaning slow digesting both whey and casein are milk derived both have around 5.5gm bcaa […]

Is Whey Protein Right For You? | Should You Be Taking Something Else?

A big question that I get a lot [is] should I be taking whey protein and if so When should I be taking it also There are so many different types that I can understand why so many of you are getting lost and confused and it basically comes down To not having the right […]


100% Authentic Whey Protein Website | Best website To Buy Whey Protein | Whey Protein Online Offers

100% Authentic Whey Protein Website | Best website To Buy Whey Protein | Whey Protein Online Offers


[Music] Yo, What is going on guys. Thank you so much for checking out the new video if you haven’t done so yet please that put subscribe button down below enjoy the next video. Yo thank you guys for tuning in to the new video so today we’re starting a new youtube series on supplements […]

If You Can Only Use ONE Supplement

– I’m ready. Hey, what’s up guys, Jordan here, and today I wanna talk about supplement. As most of my videos are all about training and workout. And today is about nutrition. First thing first, we have to keep in mind that supplement is not any magic formula powder. Supplement doesn’t get you fit overnight […]

Ways to Use Unflavored Whey Protein Powder | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

Hi, my name is Michelle Phelan, Nutritionist at Blossom Bariatrics, and I’m here today to go over a few frequently asked questions from our patients. If you’re looking for ways to use that unflavored whey protein powder, I’ve got some great ideas. One of the best ways to use unflavored whey protein is right in […]

Do Not Take Any Supplements Until You Watch This Video

Do not take any supplements until you watch this video. Are you a little bit confused or concerned about what supplement to take to accomplish what it is for your health and your body. Maybe you’re asking yourself, gosh am I going to have to spend this money every month on this supplement or maybe […]

Pre/Post Workout Nutrition, Protein Timing And Fasted Training w/ Eric Helms

ready to go amen cool what’s up everyone so I’m here again for the third time with Eric Helms if you don’t know who he is you’ve been living under a rock but basically he’s a very prolific scientist you know he’s really respected and the bodybuilding and powerlifting community so he’s full of knowledge […]