My 8 Biggest Workout & Nutrition Mistakes (DON’T MAKE THEM)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’re going to get up close and personal here, today. You and I. pull up a chair. Let’s spend some time together. We’re going to talk. What we’re going to talk about are my mistakes. The things that I did over the years – nutrition and training – that […]

The Top 7 Bodybuilding Mistakes I’ve Made

What’s up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here at I was recently asked this question on Q&A video that I did a while back and it said, “What is the one thing you would wished you knew when you started lifting?” I sat down to think about it and pretty quickly I came up with seven […]

20 Common Bodybuilding Myths Debunked

What’s going on guys, Sean Nalewanyj,, In this video I’m going to be going over 20 common bodybuilding and fitness myths that have been circulating around for years and giving you the real truth behind these myths, to help you save time and effort and keep your program as effective and efficient as […]