How America’s Love Of Cats And Dogs Became A $72 Billion Business

Cute puppies, kittens, Instagram dogs. Americans are spending more and more on their pets. And at Morris Animal Inn, cats are also vacationing in style. The inn offers luxury accommodations, including condos and kitty suites with plush beds and TVs. Meals for pets just like this one made with human grade ingredients. That’s become the […]

CBD Supplement Makers Investigated Over False Labeling

In recent years, CBD supplements and treatments have become hugely popular here in the United States. They can treat things, everything from epilepsy to sleep problems, to chronic pain. CBD has proven to be a huge valuable resource for American consumers. And unfortunately as we typically see, whenever something is popular, whenever something is effective, […]

GNC Deceptively Labeling Supplements, Lawsuit Claims

The supplement industry is a multibillion dollar a year industry and GNC, one of the largest distributors and sellers of supplements makes about $3 billion a year from their products. But according to a new class action lawsuit, some of these supplements being sold by GNC are improperly labeled leading people to believe that they […]

Muscle Building Supplements Are Absolutely Useless, Lawsuit Alleges

People who are very serious about fitness and working out and most likely in any kind of body building mindset will typically turn to supplements to help muscle growth, to help give their body the nutrients it needs so that they can, you know, max out their, their weight and their bench press or whatever […]

Chicago High School Gym Remodel with Optimum Nutrition | Lift Life Foundation

Hey everyone, Kirk and Dylan here from the Lift Life Foundation. We are excited to announce our first gym remodel project of 2018, and we are partnering with Optimum Nutrition. We will be completely remodeling a high-school weight room in Optimum Nutrition’s backyard. That’s the Greater Chicago area. We need your help to nominate schools […]