9.6: Genetic Algorithm: Improved Fitness Function – The Nature of Code

Hello welcome to another genetic algorithms video, in this video I want to talk about an improved fitness function, now there are so many different ways you can improve a fitness function in ways that you could design and think about a fitness function and I less mean this video to be like here’s one […]

The Human 2.0 – Genome Imperfection and the Garden of Eden | Giulio Superti-Furga | TEDxLinz

Translator: Behdad Khazaeli Reviewer: Tanya Cushman Look at yourself. Look at each other. You’re imperfect. You know, you’re short. You have flat feet. You have a bulging belly. You may lose your hair. You’re clearly not perfect. And so the question is, Do we want to be perfect? If you were to choose – and […]

Should you be using IGUS polymer bushings?

Hey everyone, Tom here, and IGUS recently sent me this insane sample package, and i would like to take this opportunity to talk about whether or not, when and how you should be using these over regular linear ball bearings. So e.g. in an LM8UU linear ball bearing, there are recirculating bearing balls, so you […]


(upbeat techno music) – Hello everyone, I am LoreChirik and today we gonna make. – [Granny] You better make me, grandson! – But I already made you! – [Granny] So make me in a Pennywise costume! – Ah, what? – [Granny] What? I love that movie. – Ah, okay okay. I can do this. – […]

Peptides for Anti-Aging | The Amazing Health Benefits of Peptides

dr. Nick Delgado here with dr. Kathleen Gehringer we’re talking about what we call immortal peptides the pursuit of the immortality has been something that all generations have been interested in and what do peptides do how do they stimulate the body how do they help the body to recover recuperate and strengthen and stay […]

Glass Ball Ornaments Polymer Clay Do’s and Don’ts

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor, and today’s studio tip is the do’s and don’ts of making Glass Ball Ornaments with Polymer Clay. Now the reason why I’m doing this post for you is that I just saw a free tutorial out on the web that was about making glass ball ornaments […]

DIY Texture Stamps for Polymer Clay

Hi guys, it’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor. In today’s Studio Tip, I’m going to show you how to make your own DIY Texture Stamps for polymer clay. Now, in the past, I have shown you lots of different types of tools and things that you can use for stamping into polymer clay. I’ve […]

Entire genetic code printed in books | An introduction to genetics

Hello humans. My name is Nick Dent and this… is your Genome Project. Now when this was completed it made a lot of people very excited. The UK science minister Lord Sainsbury said, ‘We now have the possibility to achieve all we ever hoped for from medicine’. President Bill Clinton said, ‘We are learning the […]

Genetic code – Intro to Psychology

To understand how our brains develop, we need to understand a bit about how genetic information is used to build them. So, let’s bring back Matt, our resident genetics expert. So, Matt, how does your body know how to build you?>>Virtually, every cell in your body, including your brain cells has all the information necessary […]

Tiny Science || Zinc and Sulfur Puff – Chemical Reaction – Make Science Fun

G’day, I’m Jacob from Make Science Fun Under this sparkler, I’ve got a mixture of two elements Zinc, a silvery metal and sulfur, a yellow non-metal. Both have been powdered up to make the chemical reaction go really quick. Woah! Oh..Oh! My lab! Zinc Sulfide everywhere! If you want to see a lot more reactions […]