Teeny Tiny Polymer Clay Cutters by Little Funky Tools

Teeny Tiny Polymer Clay Cutters by Little Funky Tools

Hi guys, this is Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor
in today’s PcT Product Demo, I’m going to be showing you some Little Funky Tools from
A Little Funky Flames on Etsy and I want to tell you a neat little story, a little while
ago, I did a video about the Miniature Enchanted Rose and in the video, I explained how I use
a little tiny section of straw to cut out small circles and then for making the rose
petals. Well, one of our viewers and her name is a
Plamena Ivanova, she– she saw that she saw this video and she said you know, I’ve been
watching your videos for years and I would love to give you a little present. I have these little tools that will cut out
perfect tiny circles much better than your straw. So I said okay, that’s very sweet of you and
she sent them to me. She said, now you don’t have to give me any
publicity or anything, I’ll just get– I just want to send them to you for a present for
all the videos that you’ve done over the years and so– but then once you sent this little
box of tools, I just had to share it with you because it’s such a great little set. Alright, so here’s what she sent. In this little package here, She is from Bulgaria–
Sofia, Bulgaria and it was neat to see the her writing on the packaging is all fancy
and lovely and in the package, was this little neat little box with a whole bunch of cutters
in it and it’s got a nice little magnetic closure on it, so that it stays shut and it’s
divided into a bunch of different sections. Now, she gave me all of the different cutters
that she has. So you can buy different sized sets and things
like that but she gave me the round set which I have in this little section here and has
just absolutely tons of these little cutters from like one millimeter– to show you right
here– this little one is one millimeter in diameter all the way up to nine millimeters
and all the sizes in between then this section here has oval cutters in it and they go from
like 10 millimeters to 1 1/2 millimeters or something like that, I’d have to look up the
number again and then these ones are all teardrop shapes and so they’re great little cutters,
I think that these little parts are from like some sort of like audio manufacturing or something
but because I’ve seen them around before. People have been using them for clay but it’s
really nice that she’s put together this neat little set and shaped the– the cutters in
a bunch of different ways. Oh and it also came with a– here I’ve got
stuck in the lid here it came with a little bamboo skewer type thing and then she said
you can use it as a holder for some of these smaller ones and then you can use it to punch
like that. Now, this one actually, I’ll just give you
a neat little tip if you end up getting this. This cutter, I mean this bamboo skewer was
a little longer, I just figured out this that the lid here that this little holder would
fit right inside the lid if I just snipped off the end and I snipped it off so that it
would be quite tight fitting in there and it’s still clearance wise, fits in the box
so that’s what I did so that’s what I’d recommend you doing so you don’t lose your little holder
and then another little pointer on that as well the tiniest little guy here this one
millimeter circle cutter, it’s really small and the clay does get stuck in it so I’ve
just got a bead piercing pin here and I just use the flat end and I just use it to poke
it out any clay that get might be stuck in there and so I also just keep that in the
box so I just keep it sitting underneath this stick– if I just sit in there and keep it
I can keep it trapped in there, so I just thought I’d pass that along because it’s a
nice little it’s handy. Anyways let me just show you how they work
and some of the things that I ended up making with I started playing around with it and
most of you are would assume that you know you would use these just for cutting out holes
and stuff and they cut up beautiful, nice, clean holes. Here’s the biggest one here and I’d notice
if your clay is warm and it stuck to a glass tile it usually stays stuck to the glass instead
of coming off inside and then here’s the littlest one, it’ll do just tiny little holes but the
little one always collects the the clay, it just doesn’t come out but there we can punch
holes, we can use these cutouts for all sorts of cool things and here’s a couple of things
that I ended up doing. I made a sheet of polka dotted clay to put
on top of this cute little poisonous mushroom. Actually, I’ve made this into a stick pin,
so they could stick into a like a cork board, a pin cushion, even like a little display,
a fairy garden, whatever you want. But when you go to make– if you’re going
to make something polka-dotted for example, cutting out little circles like this and sticking
them on to something, it’s nice to do but it’s even cooler if you can actually make
the whole sheet polka-dotted and to quite a bit of a depth. If you just put something on the surface,
what happens is you it’s difficult to sand because you’ll end up standing away the surface
but if you make the whole sheet into a polka-dotted sheet, so here I’ve cut out some white circles
with this little cutter here, I don’t know the size it have to measure it and then I’ve
got done the same with the red ones here and I’ll just pull these off so you can see them
they’re all cut there. It’s too were– all way too warm in here and
that’s too funny. OK, this way too warm. It’s gotten super hot summer time now and
I’m just baking in here. Anyways, let’s take these and lift them off
I was going to put white ones inside the red one but I’m not going to do that I’m going
to do it the other way around what you can do is you can take these little circles that
you cut out and just pop them into the holes like that and then what happens is your sheet
has the Polka, it’s not just on the surface anymore it’s embedded in there so the– the
sheet has– you can sand it back and you’re not going to be removing any– the polka dot
itself and that’s really handy when you’re working with two colors like red and white
together because surely, by the time you’ve got your little mushroom made into any kind
of shape, you’re definitely going to get the white bleeding onto the red and the red bleeding
onto the white and it’s going to look very messy on the top surface. So being able to sand it after and get right
down to that pure clay underneath is is a great advantage. Another neat little thing you can do, is cut
out the shapes to make really simple little leaves and I thought I would show you how
to make these leaves. I used the tear– teardrop shape here and
I did a let’s just do this here– I made a really skinny little teardrop blend and if
you haven’t done that before, I do have a video on it and to make the blend I just used
a small little pinch of your little get you know about the size of a gum ball of bright
green pearl Premo Bright Green Pearl, Premo Peacock Pearl and Premo– what is that one
it is a Wisteria or no– it’s Periwinkle and this one I be used a little bit less of it
I did the teardrop blend and ended up with a skinny little blend that looks just like
this so it’s kind of sparkly and it shifts from the blue from the green to the blue to
the darker kind of purple there. Then I cut out a whole bunch of little shapes
with a– this little teardrop shape cutter then I’ve got a piece of plastic wrap. This actually happens to be the plastic wrap
called Glad Press N Seal, the thing about the Press N Seal is it’s got these little
pieces of it’s a little bit textured something on it that makes it stick together nicely
it leaves kind of a cool impression on it and it’s quite stiff so if you cut through
that, you get these textured pieces but they’re rounded off on the top. So I’m just going to cut a few of these often
then peel back the plastic and we’ll see I’m just going to cut along here and I would cut
out as many as I wanted to and the Press and Seal kind of tougher than the regular plastic
wrap and you can see, you get these lovely little domed shapes then what I’ll do is I’ll
show you how to turn those into leaves now you can keep cutting out the whole thing you
can actually, I don’t know if you know this and I believe I have a video on it somewhere. You can actually keep using the Skinner Blend
even with the holes in it just by folding it over like that and keeping the colors where
they’re supposed to be and then just pushing it together so you don’t have the holes and
then you can keep running that through the Pasta Machine and you have another blend again. Alright, so let’s take a look at this little
tiny leaf, well it’s not a leaf yet but we’re going to make it into a leaf and I’m just
going to use a bone folder and the bone folder has this kind of nice sharp edge on it but
it’s tapered out and rounded out so it’s got a bunch of different versions of them depending
on where you want to look on the tool but we’re just going to take this and press a
little vein down the center oops I didn’t do it right there and you get this really
lovely little leaf. Now, you can just take the tip and make some
little veins in it that hopefully have the right angle here and see? What a cute little leaf you have you can pinch
it up at the top here, bend it back a little bit so it has a nice shape and then rather
than worrying about drilling a hole in it later, which I usually do, you can actually
use this tiny tiny little cutter, I’m gonna need that little wire to pop out the red clay
from there. You can pop of the red clay from the end and
I’m just going to use this little tiny one millimeter cutter and cut a little hole in
the top and it’ll be perfectly clean, I can bake these all on my sheet and I’ve got some
neat little leaves and done in the blend like that, you can have this pretty, gradation
kind of ombre thing going on, you could make them in a bunch of different sizes, you can
make them a little thinner if you wanted the more delicate but these look really neat and
I kind of just chained them together with the little jump rings–jumped right off of
there. Alright, like that. Now, actually using these same little teardrops
I stacked them in a different way and I made these little earrings that kind of look like
a Little Mermaid tail so basically, what I did with those, hopefully I have enough of
them here, maybe I’ll have to make a smaller one. I made– I took– I put on those I put four
on the bottom but we’ll just put three on the bottom on this one so that I can show
you how I did it. So you butt them up next to each other in
a row, and then the next two, you put in the spaces in between there and you just set it
right here and let that tip go down to the surface so it tapers down, like that. Take another one, that and these all kind
of end up fitting together quite nicely and then the last one fits in right at the top… like that. Now, you have this nice little tail now I
would have, if I had a whole bunch of different ones, I would have cut them a little bit,
I mean I would have stack them with the colors are there a little bit more alternating so
that you would have more depth than the rows there but this still looks lovely so then
I’m just going to check to make sure that it’s all kind of in a triangular shape and
then I’m going to press them all together using this cloth over– this wrap over top,
just kind of press them together make sure they’re tapered down like that and that’s
it and bake that, you’ve got a neat little dangle that looks cool on that side and cool
on the other side. Let me get my fingers out of the way, there,
it’s sticky today. OK, so there you go. Alright, so I thought I would share with you
that neat little kit. Now, Plamena, she sells them on Etsy at Little
Funky Tools or Little Funky Flames on Etsy. Actually, I’ll just show you her website here
and she’s got the round sets, the teardrop shapes and oval sets and she ships– she does
free shipping worldwide which I thought was really nice and you can get different sized
sets and there somewhere between $20-$30 for the different sets. Alright, thank you so much Plamena,
for sending those to me. It was a very sweet thing to do and I appreciate
you being a viewer for so long like that and also, if you like this video, do let us know
and if you’ve got, if you’ve got suggestions for products you like me the test, techniques
that you would like to learn more about and anything else related to polymer clay, leave
those in the comment section below. Alright, so we’ll see you next time and bye
for now.

42 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Polymer Clay Cutters by Little Funky Tools

  1. What a great little set! Maybe you could also push the larger shapes out using a cotton bud (if necessary)? The tiny one made really great holes in those leaves, so perfect.
    I must say, your video on saving the remains of a Skinner/Teardrop blend was one of my favourite tips EVER. I always do it, if the blend is pretty enough to save. Thanks! xx

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  3. You can also use these cutters for texture, like on dragon skin or what not. Check out Mandarin Ducky here on youtube, she also uses and sells them. Alternatively you can buy them on aliexpress for pretty cheap, they are called bootlace ferrules or crimp connector.

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  21. Hi Cindy, what a lovely demo and set of little miniature cutters. When I click on the link you have attached however there is no direct link to the lady's etzy store, and when I go on etzy and enter little funky flames sofia bulgaria (also tried without her personal name), nothing comes up? just a pair of non related earrings!. Does she not sell them anymore? (July 2018) Hope to hear back from you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks in advance. Teresa

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