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be talking about my experiences with two of the vitamin C skin care products from
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alerted when I post new content so I purchased a few skincare items from the
ordinary a few months ago you can check out my haul video here if you’d like to
see some of the other products I’m working with currently so I was gonna do
a full review of all the products in one video but I wasn’t sure how long that
video would end up being we all have busy lives we all have things to do so
instead I will be breaking down my reviews into shorter videos highlighting
one or two products at a time so I bought two vitamin C products from the
ordinary so the first product is the vitamin C suspension 23% with hyaluronic
acid spheres of 2% so this product is five dollars and eighty cents and you
get one fluid ounce of product which compared to other vitamin C products on
the market is a lot cheaper so this product contains l-ascorbic acid
which has been shown to reverse multiple signs of aging while brightening the
skin when applied topically it protects your skin from environmental stressors
as well as helping with skin lightening and hyperpigmentation so this product is
a little different than most vitamin C formulas because it’s not formulated
with water or silicones so l-ascorbic acid comes in a powder form but in order
for us to apply it to our skin and have it absorbed it’s usually formulated with
water however water causes the product to become unstable and oxidize over time
because of the oxygen so these formulations must be within the perfect
pH balance in order for the product to remain stable the addition of other
antioxidants such as ferulic acid and vitamin e also help to stabilize the
vitamin C when L-ascorbic acid products are formulated to higher percentages
such as this at 23% it’s even more difficult to keep the product stable and
within the perfect pH range so this product contains no water so it’s not
dependent on a pH balance and it doesn’t oxidize
but because there’s no water the l-ascorbic acid doesn’t dissolve within
the product so it has a slightly gritty texture to it so the question is how
much of this product actually dissolves once it hits your skin so of course your
skin contains water so the theory behind this product is once you apply this to
your skin the l-ascorbic acid will dissolve allowing the vitamin C to be
absorbed into the skin with the added bonus of the product not being pH
dependent or oxidizing so let’s read some of the claims on the Ordinaries
website because this formula is a suspension of l-ascorbic acid so it
says on the Ordinaries website that because this product is a suspension of
l-ascorbic acid there are two things to consider the first is a very strong
tingling but non-irritating sensation is expected during the first 1 to 2 weeks
of use until skin’s tolerance is to such high exposure as elevated if the
sensation is too strong to tolerate the formula can be mixed on each application
with other creams or serums of your preference and the second is the powders
exposure to the skin dis-allows the formula to feel like a serum lotion or
cream and each application requires a few seconds to fill absorbed by the skin
this formula feels gritty for a few seconds after application what this
means is this is not going to feel like your usual moisturizer or serum it
almost feels like a physical exfoliant for the skin the texture is really
grainy and almost uncomfortable at least that was my experience with it now on
its own the l-ascorbic acid did not dissolve quickly onto my skin and left
my face really shiny so that kind of leaves me wondering how much of the
product was being absorbed into my skin that’s probably why it’s formulated it’s
such a high percentage so they did say you could expect a strong tingling and
irritating sensation I didn’t have that so what I experienced was more about
burning and a stinging and my face turned beet red and you are
supposed to use this at night I didn’t do that I made the mistake of putting
this on during the day fortunately I didn’t have to go anywhere so on its own
this was a skincare fail for me between the shininess of the product and the
grittiness and the burning it just it just wasn’t a good fit for my skin type
and I definitely couldn’t get makeup to work with it now I did tried this with my
regular moisturizer which was the Cetaphil daily facial moisturizer for
sensitive skin I didn’t have the burning and I didn’t have the stinging the
grittiness went away it was still way too shiny for my skin and no matter what
I did I couldn’t get my makeup to blend with this product
so the second vitamin C product I’ve actually gotten much more use out of
it’s almost gone here this is the magnesium ascorbyl phosphate 10%
it’s a brightening hydrator stabilized with vitamin C derivative this product
is nine dollars and sixty cents you get one fluid ounce of product so it’s a
little bit pricier not much more than the suspension product this product is
stable in water but less potent than the l-ascorbic acid it’s also much less
irritating on the skin so this formula is a light cream that offers a ten
percent pure magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and reading from the Ordinaries website
aside from the general benefits of pure vitamin C magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
has been shown to offer specific skin brightening benefits more so than other
derivatives of vitamin C so between the two vitamin C products I you can see I
definitely enjoyed this one more it wasn’t greasy it absorbed very quickly
into my face and I had no trouble layering makeup with it so one of my
issues is I have struggled with slight hyperpigmentation on my forehead area
and just slightly under both my eyes since the age of 12 around the age of 12
coincidentally enough is when puberty kicked in that’s when I started
developing these slight dark patches so the next question is
did either of these products help I would have to say yes I didn’t use this
one long enough to really give it a fair shot because of the burning and the
stinging I couldn’t bring myself to reach for this one regularly the biggest
change using this product has been in my forehead area
I had a discolored area that pretty much extended my entire forehead it wasn’t
super dark but I’m pretty fair so any slight discoloration is noticeable after
using this for about eight weeks most of that discoloration has completely faded
away with the exception of a teeny teeny tiny area here so I’m gonna keep using
the magnesium a scorable phosphate I’m going to also be placing an order
another order with Deciem soon there are a couple of other vitamin C products
in the line I believe there’s a total of four and I want to give them a shot as
well so I hope you found this video helpful I hope it was informative enough
if you have any questions regarding either one of these products please
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  1. Thanks for such a thorough review. I've been on the fence about thie vitamin c and I think I might try the 2nd option based on your recommendation.

  2. Hi Erin, I would like to try the MAP and I am a new beginner to Vitamin C or any other acids. Will the MAP be a good start for beginner? Also, is this routine correct? Cleanse> First Treatment Essence> Hyaluronic Acid Serum> MAP> Moisturizer> SPF. Thank you!

  3. Good reveiw😊are you still using The Ordinary vitamins c products? If so, what others have you tried? I'm currently using the Tetraisopalmitate 20% and is working very well…and I will continue ordering it…i will be trying the Ethylated ascorbate vitamin C 12% I saw a goid review of it. Thanks ☺

  4. Yeah the 10% vit c after 4 days showed som lightness in my skin. How long does 1 tube last? N how much do you apply becus I think I'm using too much thanks for the review n any response in advance thank you

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