The Saddest Polar Bear in China

The Saddest Polar Bear in China

On this episode of China Uncensored, a polarizing issue. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored I’m your
host Chris Chappell. Now you just know a giant shopping mall in
a communist-ish country has got to be something special. And the Grandview Mall in Guangzhou is no
exception. It has everything! A movie theater, indoor ice skating, and as the Guangzhou travel guide puts it, “all these lovely background music.” But that’s not all. There’s also the Grandview Mall Ocean World, an aquatic wonderland! Or as one person on Trip Advisor calls it, “a mall with the most disgusting zoo in
the world.” And the star attraction is… the saddest polar bear in all of China. Now you might be thinking, what in the name of all that is holy is wrong
with that bear? Well, it’s because he lives in a shopping
mall. There’s not even any snow in his cage. And he has to deal with people banging on
the glass to take photos of him. Someone should give him a Coca Cola. That footage comes from Animals Asia, a Hong Kong based animal rights charity. They’re trying to get the exhibition shut
down. And so far, they’ve gotten around 300,000 people to
sign a petition for just that. Because it’s not just a sad polar bear. There’s also six young beluga whales, five walrus calves, a wolf, and arctic foxes. And all of them are equally sad, living in equally terrible conditions. I’m mean seriously, this little guy otter be kept in cleaner conditions. Of course my favorite state run Party mouthpiece,
the Global Times, wrote an article specifically to counter all
these accusations of cruelty. As you might guess, they interviewed the aquarium manager, who also denies all the claims. Local media, however, reported that the Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery
Bureau investigated and discovered that some animals died while being moved into the aquarium. This is by no means an isolated incident. Quote unquote “Zoos” in China don’t
always put animal welfare as a top priority. Monkeys and a bear racing on bicycles?! What could go wrong?! Wait for it… I mean who could have seen that coming? And besides general animal cruelty, there’s specific animal cruelty you can
get in on! Like feeding a live sheep to a tiger. So is this a systemic thing? Well, probably not. According to Peter Li, Humane Society International’s
China expert, “There’s nothing cultural or traditional
about animal abuse in China.” The problem is that animal welfare laws in
China are few and far between. And where they do exist, enforcement is pretty lax. So this kind of stuff that PETA shows here
can happen. Fortunately, as Animals Asia puts it, “what is clear is that a significant section
of Chinese society will not accept this.” So what do you think about the saddest polar
bear in China? Leave your comments below. And if you’d like to actually do something
about it, I’ve put a link to Animal Asia’s petition
in the description below. Thanks for watching this episode of China
Uncensored. I’m your host Chris Chappell, see you next

100 thoughts on “The Saddest Polar Bear in China

  1. How is feeding a sheep to a tiger animal abuse? Also PETA kills over 97% of the animals they "rescue" within a year and over 90% within 24hrs.

  2. I really like this channel great journalism but you are to sarcastic that causes people to not take it that seriously whats going on in china. You shouldnt be sarcastic anymore, things are just too terrible over there

  3. That local newspapers bucked the state press makes this story believable for me. Animals Asia, maybe I can believe what they say despite not being familiar with the organization. PETA? The organization that insists that not to be vegan is to engage in animal cruelty and calls eating chicken a "holocaust on your plate"? That has been found harboring people who vandalized labs because animals were used in research? That PETA? I don't trust their reports on "animal cruelty". This doesn't mean real animal cruelty isn't occurring in the zoo, just I would rather take the local papers' word for it than PETA.

  4. holy shit….. I can actually the traumatized look in their eyes…..

    That one bear with the black fur had that same panic look as when my dog thought I was severely injured

  5. Dying of abuse and depression. No animal rights. Just abuse. So of the multi mega millions of Chinese in China, they got a whole 300,000 signatures to stop Animal Cruelty..Yup, animal cruelty is a concern to the Chinese. Who torture and eat dogs and cats. HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET AHOLD OF POLAR BEARS, WOLVES, OTTERS ETC? Whomever sold these poor people to the Chinese , should be held accountable and jailed!!

  6. Did you all see the pic in National Geographic a couple years ago of a live alligator chained outside a boutique in a Chinese shopping mall? Gee I wonder how many innocent children lost arms and legs before it was removed?

  7. holy shit! feeding a live sheep to a tiger… does it matter? if the tiger didnt take his life then a human would. soon they will make the tiger a vegan.

  8. Dear China please call North Korea a sissy country or something so they will nuke your sorry arses of the face of a planet you are not worthy of inhabiting. Straight away would be good, OK ? Thanks. 🖕🏻

  9. By the way, animals have no rights. We eat animals, how do you give rights to things you eat? It has the right to be eaten?

  10. hahaha, I live in GZ and I don't even go there. It's such a fucking insult to animal lovers that they even built it…. It's so warm in there too and Chinese people don't know how to treat animals let alone even walk through an animal exhibit…… fucking disgusting.

  11. Wow I feel bad for the polar bears and the other animals…fuck all chinse and there disgusting zoos and country!

  12. I saw this video several days ago but I refused to watch this because of how sad the polar bear on the thumbnail :'| see ! I'm right ! poor polar bear

  13. How very sad they keep such an animal in such way.  Where I live we have far less polar bears because of the lack of sea ice extent and longevity 🙁  They are rarely disturbed, mistreated or destroyed unless they attack humans or become a serious hazard to a community.  China needs to respect nature/ecology as its all they have for the foreseeable future (and most is now heavily polluted).

  14. feeding a live sheep to a tiger, well that's just nature. the horrible conditions that they put the animals in that is unacceptable.

  15. Nice 3 second clip of a polar bear sleeping……. Dogs and cats do that, too.

    This is the issue of a weekly bigoted news channel. Literally bigoted, in that it is HAS to be critical of China, there is no room to say, "something neat happened," or, "I wonder if this is ethical or not?", they have forced themselves into a closed minded world view at all times. So, occasionally, they'll end up with something stupid like this. And, sadly, it belittles all of the actual issues glazed over with the video.

    Most of what they showed was either anecdotal or false. Many of the potentially serious matters require more data. I've known some terrible zoos in India, for animals and customers, but nothing bad can be said about India so long as it has disagreements with China.

  16. Always this kind of shits comes from f*cking country China!!! hell yes they are eat dogs too !!! Go Hell Devils GO!!!

  17. That poor bear is blasted with blue light 24/7, and he is getting banged at, he is sleep deprived, stressed out, that zoo should be shut down ASAP

  18. Doesn't matter what the country. Animals are abused. because they can't speak. They're weak. They can't vote. They can't revolt.

    Human race is a disgrace.

  19. Holy shit those bear images made me so sad… I refused to give their "zoo"s any money when I lived there. They have no idea how to treat animals, or more likely they and those taking pictures of said animals don't give a damn about their welfare so long as a selfie with a suffering bear gets a few likes.

  20. A society of four generation atheists with zero religious values have become a big zoo itself. There is no morality, the only thing people care in China is making money and they spend their money as they want. I mean, whatever they want literally. There are billions of things people do in China that make you vomit in two seconds.

  21. This one not the saddest polar bear. The Saddest polar bear is Arturo, the polar bear that suffered for years and died alone in a 40 C prison in Argentina. No polar bear can exceed the sadness of Arturo.

  22. this is what third class people are and what they do. I'll blame the authorities of Guangzhou who let this happened. it's disgusting to kept that way.

  23. Of course it's Guangzhou. That's where they got caight skinning foxes alive, and cooking dogs and cats, and selling live animals as jewelry. I have seeen one travel video that stopped there. The people have tiny, mean eyes. Everything is drab and brown, even the nicer hotels and restaurants. It's the saddest most leftist place in the world.

  24. Shame on China absolute disgrace as per their usual animal treatment. China responsible for extinction threat to many species eg Tiger and Rhino, eating tigers bits does nothing for you you retards

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