Unboxing The Orca RS1 Swimskin | Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Kit

Unboxing The Orca RS1 Swimskin | Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Kit

– Welcome back to another GTN unboxing, Now how would you like it if I told you that in this box I had something that could make you swim
faster, swim more easily and look pretty cool whilst doing it? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, it is because this is the new RS1 swimskin from our friends and partners in the channel Orca. And if you haven’t already gotten the hang of these un-boxings, I’m going to be giving you the opportunity of getting
your hands on one of these. I’ve got four swimskins to give away, two men’s, two women’s. So stay tuned until the end of this video, where I’ll be explaining how
you can enter in for those. But for now let’s get unboxing. (mellow horn music) (logo whooshing) Well, you know a product means business when it comes in a stealthy,
black box like this. First of all, let’s take
a look at this swimskin. And first impressions, it looks great, And it feels fast but I’ll
explain more on that in a moment. For now you’re probably wondering what is a swimskin and
why should you use one? And that’s actually a
really common question, so let me tackle that one first. So, swimskin comes in for
those non-wetsuit legal swims. Whilst that may be hard to believe to some of us in certain
parts of the world, how could the water ever get warm enough to make it non-wetsuit? Well, believe it our not it does happen. Take the Iron Man World
Championships for instance, it’s always non-wetsuit. And for that, a lot of athletes opt for a swimskin over the
top of their tri suits. But why? Well, tri suits aren’t made of the most hydrophobic materials, they’re designed predominately
for breathability and for comfort on the bike and run sections of your triathlon. So the idea behind a
swimskin, like this one, is for it to go over top of your tri suit and essentially, create less drag through a tighter fit and by using materials that slip
through the water better. So let’s delve into
that a little bit more. So with the Orca RS1,
it is fully comprised and made up of textile
materials, it’s neoprene free, but those materials are more hydrophobic. Meaning it repels water. So let me just demonstrate that to you. This is achieved through Orca’s hydroskin dry water-repellent coating, which they say has an absorption coefficient of 0% after three hours. Which basically means this
suit repels water all day long, If three hour plus runs
is your sort of thing. But it does also means that this suit is going to last some good use. And whilst, it doesn’t maybe have the same lift that a wetsuit
is going to give you, Orca do also say that this will help with buoyancy when you compare it to just wearing a tri suit for example, which could absorb water and then potentially weigh you down. So, by this not absorbing water, hopefully it will just increase your lift and buoyancy within the water. Now I’m going to warn anyone that has never worn a swimskin before. They can be a little bit harder to get on than your normal tri suit. And they should be, because they’ve got a
much more precise fit, and a suit like this has
slight compressive properties, specifically around the core to help hold the core in a much better position. And having worn a lot of swimskins in the past I can really vouch for it and just how valuable they are. It helps to keep your body
in a really good position, specifically for swimming. Something that a tri
suit alone just can’t do. In addition to the fit, the seams have been
sealed to improve comfort. So there’s no rubbing parts. And they’ve also got a really clean and smooth transition from
one panel to the next, we can see here, if you look closely. And that will improve the
hydrodynamics of the suit. And whilst, obviously, the
fit is really important, flexibility is also super
important for a swimskin. So, the cut and the
flexibility of this suit have been done in such a way to allow good movement of freedom whilst we’re swimming, whilst
we’re moving our arms and whilst we’re kicking our legs. Now then, I can hear what you’re thinking, what about my sleeved tri suit? And that’s actually a
really interesting topic because more and more athletes are wearing these sleeved and more aerodynamic tri suits for the bike. But their not so good for
your non-wetsuit swims. Because straight away you’re adding more material that can absorb water. And to a place that you probably don’t want to be adding
weight or drag, your arms. So we see athletes doing a
couple of things at the moment. Athletes will either wear their tri suit, their sleeved tri suit done up with their swimskin over the top to just try to reduce drag where they can. Or we see athletes actually pulling their sleeved tri suit down underneath their swimskin to help
reduce drag further, but then they do have to obviously try to put on a wet sleeved tri suit as they go from swim
to bike in transition. Or, we have another option for you here. A sleeved swimskin. (jazzy drum music) Well it’s another RS1 swimskin, but a sleeved version. So the idea is that you cover the sleeves of your sleeved tri suit, but with a better fitted, and most importantly, a
more hydrophobic sleeve. So Orca do both the RS non-sleeved and the sleeved versions of this tri suit, in male and female. The male come in a range from extra small up to extra, extra large. Whilst the female come in extra small, or a size eight, up to
a large, or a size 14. Now I know this is pretty obvious stuff, but a swimskin is only
intended for the swim. So you should remove this as you go through transition
from swim to the bike. Now, to make things easier for you, Orca have done this pretty
cool design on the zip here. So what you need to do
is flick this zip up and then just pull on one side of the tri suit and boom! It just comes undone nice
and easily, all the way down. Now right now you’re probably pretty sold on these swimskins. I mean, anything that
can make you swim faster, make it easier is a win if you ask me. So, you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on these. And I have four of them to give away two men’s and two women’s
in your choice of size. So, to get your hands on those you just need to head to the
description below this video, hit that link and then answer a little question on these
swimskins and that’s it. But before you head there, make sure you give this video a thumbs up and hit that globe if you
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wetsuit versus tri suit video you can click just down here. If you’d like to see how to do a beach start for a triathlon,
just click down here.

25 thoughts on “Unboxing The Orca RS1 Swimskin | Triathlon & Open Water Swimming Kit

  1. Awesome! I’m allergic to neoprene (I break out into a extremely itchy rash), and I am always at a disadvantage in races that are just barely wetsuit legal.

  2. If its water repellent……..how are you gonna wash it? Do you have to wash it? If you dont thats great!

  3. Most triathlon in summer in Switzerland are wet suit free due to lake temperatures. I need this swim skin.

  4. Hi, do people wear these in pool triathlons? Or would be benefit be outweighed by the time taken to remove in T1?

  5. You will need some pro tips to wash it, maybe after 4 hours on water, by the way my birthday is this Sunday jajaja.

  6. When are the winners being drawn? Would absolutely love to win- all my fingers and toes are crossed!! 😍🤞🏽

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