Universal Supplements Review Shredder Ultimate Whey – Transcend Supplements

Welcome to another Universal supplements
product review guys we’re going to keep these videos less than five minutes long
we’re going to keep them really simple and not too technical just remember
these are our personal opinions about the products but in saying that we have
tried every single product that we review at the end we’re going to give it
our score out of 10 today’s product is shredder ultimate whey by transcend
supplements Sharna what is shredder ultimate way alright
guys so this one is actually a thermogenic protein powder so it does
have quite a highe WPI content so it is excellent for muscle growth and recovery
it’s also going to be really good for toning and firming up all those parts
that you want firmed up and it’s a great product for both men and women guys yeah
that’s right so this is one of our top selling proteins transcend really really
high-quality Australian brand as you all know I love my Australian brands and
I’ll always support Australian brands provided that they are outperforming
stuff that’s coming from overseas so I do stock a lot of US brands and and that
sort of thing as well and some brands out of the UK but if I can find an
Australian brand that has really put in in the time and effort to make something
high-quality that works you know I’m going to back it all the way and
transcend is one of those brands so shredder ultimate way and absolutely
unreal I guess fat stripping protein let’s give
it our scores out of 10 Sharna are we ready one two three. ten out of ten
for me for trancend…. transcend shredder ultimate whey. 10 out of 10. couldn’t spit up
on out there I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of transcend ultimate whey

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