Using Infused Sulfur (Soap) to Cure Morgellons, Fibro, Arthritis, Cancer – Tips and Techniques 4

Using Infused Sulfur (Soap) to Cure Morgellons, Fibro, Arthritis, Cancer – Tips and Techniques 4

This is the fourth video in a series
about using infused sulfur as a cure for many afflictions that involve the same
root cause, ingrown hair. As I learn more about how to treat this condition, I
am sharing my findings so that anyone may benefit. I am NOT a credential doctor
so seek alternative medical advice before using any of these ideas you may
find here. Although some of this information is repeated from my earlier
work, there is much that is new. This is the video that I tried to do… this is
Tips and Techniques 4, where I got totally shut down and was not able to get, you know, get enough. I wasn’t able to
finish what I wanted to do. I had to quit. That’s why I had to put that last video on so we’ll see how this one goes. I don’t know but apparently…
I’ve been trying to do this, it looks like they don’t like this video. Because
I had to fight ’em tooth and nail to get this one done. Even now I’m trying to
redo it, and it’s ridiculous what I have to go through. I’m lucky I have this remote
now that I’ve had to buy so I can fight them, because that’s what I have to do. So I you know I didn’t put my poster up
this time so I may end up regretting it I don’t know yet we’ll see how it goes So before I start getting into
really what I wanted this video to be about.. and this is kind of new I didn’t
really have it at my last one, but I definitely want to get this part in. I want to talk some about the use of alcohol. Specifically, you know, drinking
alcohol – booze – ethanol alcohol in regards to doing this treatment. In my opinion,
using alcohol is really the last thing that you want to do while doing this
treatment because of the dehydration factor and you know I don’t want you
guys to end up with cirrhosis of the liver you know, ruin your renal system
this than that, but, and this is a big one, in the
beginning when I was doing this treatment, I had to use it because I was
doing it differently than I do now I was actually doing in the showers lathering
myself up and coming out and it was miserable, it was painful; I don’t
recommend doing it that way, I use it dry now. You’ll have to watch my videos
to figure out how to do this thing but uh.. You know… I, I don’t think it was only that
though.. I think that it is just you know Herxheimer effect, you know herxing.
What that is – is that disease gets under attack and it tries to flee
away from whatever chemicals are attacking it and it wants to go right
through you and that’s very uncomfortable, as well as anything else
associated with this thing like parasites… they like to be under attack,
so they start feeling those chemicals know those molecules of especially
sulfur or anything you know anything they don’t like – they’ll try to go right
through you and, I found that in the beginning I had to use.. I had a drink
alcohol, I don’t do it anymore, I do anything I can to
stay away from drinking, I haven’t done it for years now – but – I’m not saying for
you to not do it.. I don’t recommend it but, maybe you would have to.. I don’t know..
I did, maybe you know especially in the beginning that stuff hasn’t been tamed
as much yet, you might have to… you know I’m not gonna tell you not to do it. I
must say I don’t recommend it, so I’m gonna put a link in my other
video.. where I kind of forgot about it, you know, that I had to do that.
So what it does is you know that stuff comes under attack.. the booze.. the
alcohol tends to kind of put it back to sleep. And so it’s easier for you to take. It also kind of cuts.. kills some pain.
Alcohol is good for that, but it also puts those you know parasites, microbes
whatever it is to sleep and so you feel it less.. but I would not get in love with
alcohol if you want to live. You just want to, you know, I’m not gonna tell
you not do it because I did it and maybe it is necessary…
especially more in the beginning.. I just don’t know. I don’t know, because I don’t
do it that way anymore I don’t do the..(lathering) in my opinion now that’s not the way to
do it (Lathering – WET). I’ve tried it, it did not work. So, use your own judgment.. If I was
you though, I would definitely try to stay away from it as much as possible, but I
used it quite a bit. You know, it was so miserable.. in the beginning that uh,
you know… but I knew it was killing me. You know, I really didn’t want to do it
but I had to do it and so I did it and so I don’t know what to tell you. You
know I don’t I don’t use it that way anymore so I’m not sure if you’re gonna
need it or not… but just keep that kind of in mind there… So on with my regular video here – if I can keep, you know win this electronic war apparently that I’m
having to fight with these people. Here is an implementation that I kind of came up
with, it is just one of the bars of soap, I drilled a hole right through the middle
of it. I put it on a wooden spoon. You know, I wired it on. Just I’ve got
some pretty stiff wire here it’s kind of plastic coated. Just wired it on the back of the spoon, yeah I drilled a couple of holes
through the spoon.. right here on the side and a hole right through the middle of
the soap and just wire it on there.. it works great. It holds it on there. Right now I
don’t even use this with.. I used to use it with, put some cream on there.. you can
do your back. And um, I don’t even do… I’m getting better and better so I just
do it kind of dry now.. If I think there’s a problem I’ll rub it every once in a
while with just dry and I think that kind of gets enough sulfur on there. And,
really this kind of fits in with my next tip for you is to sleep
only on your back, and maybe even inclined… that seems to a work for
me.. you know you really don’t want to lesion starting on your back that’s the
last place that you’d want it it’s hard to get to. So, I’ve had great luck
sleeping on my back that’s what I recommend. Maybe, you know, maybe you want
to go out and get like a bed wedge pillow. This sulfur soap kind of
sometimes it wants to give you like some heartburn.. you know maybe some
anti-acids whatever once in a while might not be a bad idea…I do
that every once in a while – I try to not do anything else…I try to only do
the sulfur and not do other things, but every once in a while you gotta you know
you have to kind of go with the flow and help yourself out. So, another thing is
don’t wear contact lenses unless you absolutely have to. I have them on
right now to do this video, but I normally wear glasses around the house
here, or whatever.. because sometimes you know you’re gonna want to kind of rub
around your eyes… You have to kind of keep that stuff going
through there, and you want to kind of take it out of your eyes if you can.
And so that’s hard to do with contacts on, I’m sure some of you will
not need to.. you have Lasik or something.. you don’t need to worry
about this.. but for the ones that wear contacts, you might want to mostly wear
glasses just so you can rub around your eyes. Another thing is don’t remove any
teeth unless you absolutely know for sure that you have to because the sulfur
soap.. if you start driving it in.. you think you have a problem like with your teeeth somewhere, the sulfur soap’s great man.. it will drive that disease away
from there.. might even.. reverse the damage and the decay and I
wouldn’t be surprised if your your teeth or your your bones whatever start
regenerating. The sulfur works very good at stuff like that so… You
know, that’s what I recommend don’t remove your teeth unless you know you
absolutely can’t win that war… About my shaved head; I like hair. I like
to have a head of hair, I have a nice head of hair, but I haven’t had it for
years solely for the reason of I don’t want
extra sulfur soap getting… you know… I, If you have hair and you go to.. you have to
infuse it in your head sometimes.. on the top up there.. it’s gonna rub
off under those hair shafts and and and you know when you go out and exercise
then it’s gonna flow back.. you know you start sweating it’s gonna flow back on
you and it’s just more that’s why that’s the only reason I don’t do it. I’d rather have
hair… I like my hair, but I haven’t had it just.. just to keep the amount of
sulfur soap down to the bare minimums. In the same vein, and I don’t know if I’ve
said this before in one of my videos, but I wear latex gloves for the same reason.
Just when I do…. you know… just while I’m doing the infusion.. just to keep the
the soap from.. the bar or soap from getting it to my hands. I don’t want any extra.
That’s that’s why I do those things. Some of you guys, you know, and gals especially.. you’re going to want to keep your hair and I don’t blame ya, and so maybe you
can get away with it, you know it’s up to you. You’re gonna have to bal.. you know
figure out if it’s worth it to you or not, and maybe just part… part it… and put it in there and then wipe as much off with.. with a hand
towel or whatever as you can.. and maybe you can keep your hair. It’s up to you.
You know, maybe… I’ve seen creative haircuts that would probably work, you know
where some areas are shaved and other areas have the long hair and you can put
it in there and then pull the long hair back over and you’ve got the best of
both worlds you know. Maybe, you know.. maybe wigs will make a
comeback or something I don’t know.. Maybe they never did go away too much but uh…
And I kind of always harp on this, but I’m sure I’ve said it a bunch of times before… You
you definitely want to do the infusions just before you go out and exercising…
just before you go out and exercise because, you know, if you rub and you’re
not gonna go exercise especially the longer, the more you get into it…
you got that stuff, that sulfur in there and it comes right back out and gets
into your bloodstream again and it gets harder for you. So the best time you know
you might want to schedule it.. a half an hour – rub… move the stuff.. try
to move it around get it you know do the rubbing – any kind of rubbing – I
do it all the time, but I’ve found that it’s tougher, it’s way tougher… to..
because that stuff starts coming back out into you, and it makes, you know,
you really don’t want that.. and about the exercise what kind of…. I
found that this is not the way I like to exercise, I like doing something else, I
like playing basketball. I found that I can do that and I don’t feel the pain,
but I don’t do that anymore because this disease just really kind of attacks your
joints, and I want to be able to walk later, you know, when I get older. So I’ve
figured out that hey, you know and this is not one of my most favorite things to
do, but I’ve found out that the best thing probably for this – the way I do
this treatment is to bicycle. And so I went out bought a cheap bike and I
think I paid like you know 100 less than 100 bucks or so like 70 bucks for this bike,
I bought it new, and you know but I can fix them… I think that’s maybe
what you might want to try to think about doing in the beginning until you
can find a better way I’m sure this is not gonna work for everybody…
maybe you’re younger it’s not gonna bother you as much – if you’re a lighter
case you can go out and jog or something whatever you’re gonna do to get your
cardio in, but that’s what I do, and so you might want to you know find a place
to ride just go there at first and do the same thing same place over
and over till you can find a better place and then become, you know,
get some tools together and some parts and you know maybe become a bike tech or
something that’s – that’s what I recommend. So these are just general
recommendations.. to kind of get you started to give you a baseline to go on.
I don’t want to force anybody to do anything that… if you think you can
find a better way, you know more power to you. I just found you know what works
for me and I think in general it’s gonna be a pretty good starting place so
that’s why I’m kind of you know telling you what I do. But, uh, and here’s a very positive
thing about using the sulfur infusions you know the sulfur soap and I’ve done
the research on this and it really seems to me to be true. And then that is that
the sulfur is very.. is excellent at the prevention and the recovery from the
effects of the Sun. It really seems true to me you know, I could go out there now
in – in broad daylight a few hours where before I would be red, now it’s
like I’m impervious to the Sun. So that’s a great positive thing about using the
sulfur. And also.. and I’m gonna say this again at the end of my video.. but
you know.. The disease is definitely worse in the beginning and so with
repeated use of the sulfur infusions you just slowly get better. So I think the
rest of this video is gonna be about using too much – how do you – it’s very hard
a lot of times to realize that you’re using too much sulfur…
it’s tricky man it kind of you know it wants to trick you and… you start feeling
good, and you’re like oh wow! man that’s stuffs really working, you know,
I’m feeling great, no problem Until you drink enough water,
or go do some exercise too, or both. You can’t tell you got too much –
you’re using too much.. you’ll drink a whole bunch of water then you’ll know,
Oh my god, I’m really dehydrated… You don’t want a… It’s very difficult
to realize, so just… just watch it man it’s very, it’s tricky. If your
tongue starts kind of tingling and you start getting maybe some pins
and needles, I don’t know that this is gonna happen to everybody, but I’d say
you’re using too much. If your urine flow slows down, you’re using too much. If you
get cramps you probably want to cut back and figure out what’s going on,
are you too dehydrated that can cause cramps. Are you drinking so
much water that it’s flushing the minerals through you, that can
cause cramps. Maybe if you’re using too much sulfur that can cause that.
I used to get cramps, I don’t get them anymore. I’m still not taking the
supplementation with the multivitamins. I do recommend that, but I found that I
don’t have to do it. I don’t get cramps anymore. I think I’m just better at doing what I have to do. Another thing, another way to
tell if you you’re using too much is if you can’t get anything done you
know you get too lethargic, you just don’t want to do anything.
Maybe you lay down on the couch and you go to sleep for an hour or two… your, your
too saturated. You got too much in you. And it gets harder the farther along
you get you get more saturated with the stuff it gets you know through the
capillary action and it penetrates and you get more.. more saturated and
that happens to you more so you got to kinda take more breaks then as the
farther you get into it.. but the nice thing about it is you don’t have to use
it use it as much your levels are higher it’s getting saturated. You definitely
want to use the least amount possible one of my earlier videos I referenced
kind of a glop, you know kind of a pea-sized glop. I don’t use that much
anymore. The more you go into it the more kind of saturated you get. I just use the
least amount.. and you might want to do this and they’re beginning too, I don’t
know but I think you can you know use more in the beginning because you want
to get that stuff in there but I might even recommend this for you guys that are
just starting out – use the least amount possible that’ll make it slide and you
can kind of hit a spot you know right here or wherever… your foot, top your foot
just use enough just to make it slide anything more I think you might be
overdoing it. Anything less it just doesn’t.. it’s gonna catch, it’s not gonna
work very good.. so keep that in mind. Another thing is don’t be afraid to stop
this treatment you know and take a break if you, especially if you feel like you
might have too much and you kinda want to maybe do this anyway just to kind of
test it. Stop every… now you can’t do this as much in the beginning this is more
for down the line but uh stop the treatment for a few, a couple days you
know in the beginning… maybe later on five or ten days even.. you know.. and just
as a matter of course every once in awhile. In the beginning it’s tough man you’re
gonna.. you know, hey, I need to use it again.. you feel it. And so, but you know
that’s that’s a positive thing to look forward to – the farther you
get into this you’re gonna be able to start taking breaks down the road.
Difficult, more difficult at first but uh, So don’t be afraid to stop, especially later
on in the treatments. And another thing I want to.. you know this is kind of
unrelated but, in my last tips and techniques video, tips and techniques
number three I referenced something and I called this thing.. I called this sulfur
soap disease it’s not a real disease it’s just me coming up with something
and you know to where if I think I’m using too much sulfur soap I
say that I have sulfur soap disease. You know, this it’s not a real disease it’ll
resolve just stop using the sulfur soap for a little while and it’s just kind of… you
know don’t worry about that it’s not a real disease it will resolve itself with
uh you know discontinued use, but um.. So… For the end of this video, I just want
to you know give a little bit more advice and that is that it’s a tough
treatment so what you really need to do is you definitely you need to do the
work… if you can in order for this to work, you just can’t be lazy. You’re not
always going to be able to do everything you want to do. It kind of slows you down
and it really makes it hard to do things you know
you want to rest… but you have to do as much as you possibly can for
this to work, you just can’t be lazy. If you’re a lazy person I don’t think that this is
gonna work for you. You are always kind of working… you’re always kind
of moving… it’s just it’s tough but.. Another thing is you know definitely
don’t panic that doesn’t help anything. You know, and
I think if you decide to do this treatment, you know again.. I said it
before – I’ll say it again.. every time you infuse the sulphur you’re a little bit
better than you were before, and so I think if you take some of these ideas
and if you do decide to try this treatment, you know, eventually you can
become successful with it and maybe you know get your life back someday so… until
next time.

18 thoughts on “Using Infused Sulfur (Soap) to Cure Morgellons, Fibro, Arthritis, Cancer – Tips and Techniques 4

  1. This is what chemtrails’s time for people to understand they are spraying us like bugs.goole chemtrials or look you tube videos on them a lot of information out there on this…

  2. Drinking an anti anxiety tea that helps with the calming of your well being and quiets the sensations. You can purchase the herbs in bulk from Mountain Rose Herbs. Skullcap 1-2 T in a coffee filter then in the bottom of the pot put in 4-5 whole cloves with a quarter of an orange peeled dried, ( organic ). I put all of this in a 5-6 cup coffee maker and use filtered water. Let the ingredients steep and stay in the pot. Filter into a cup, add stevia which breaks down the bio film. I also use kava kava tincture in an ounce of water helps immensely. Soaking in Epsom Salt which is Magnesium Sulfate is 13% sulfur. 1 cup to to your bath water. I buy the Epsom Salt infused with Rosemary and Peppermint. I also add 1 cup of Borax which kills bacteria, mites, skin parasites, fungus on / in the skin. Making a body spray in a 12-16 oz spray bottle with 3% H2O2 1/4 cup, 2-3 T Borax, ( is a natural source of Boron needed by the body ) 2-3T of Epsom Salt. You can use the infused salt or plain. I also add 4-5 whole cloves. Cloves kills mites, fungus, bacteria and mycoplasmas. Shake it up. Then when the Borax & Epsom salt are saturated into the solution, spray it all over & rub it in. Your skin will absorb it and kill the bacteria, fungus, mycoplasmas & mites… I may also use a 1/4 cup of orange peel water from the left over cooled tea. Orange oil has natural vitamin C which your body will absorb through the skin along with the magnesium, sulfur & boron. Orange & lemon peel has d- limonene which is a naturally mite killer… Blessings to all who are suffering.

  3. Somehow morgellons makes your hair grown down under the skin…any moles are BAD GId did not create blemishes , man did, through chemtrails

  4. Darla, no one should disown anyone over outward appearance. Of course you can be a friend. Love goes much deeper than outward appearance. No wonder I get along so well with Gods animal kingdom. Blessings

  5. To get free from Morgellons, you need detox the body and brain from heavymetalls.
    Stop use nicotine, drugs and alcohol.

    Detox brain and body with this

    Wild blueberry
    Spirulina from Hawaii
    Atlantic Algae red lettuce
    Powdered extract of grain gravy

    Only Nature can kill this parasite.

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  6. a study shows that fungi and parasites like to grow in sulfur inviroment! so this is just wierd i think government pig fucks are giving bad advice on youtube to make peopel worse

  7. the government has a patient for morgellons they call it something like c 17 or something from airforce bio warfare from 70 80

  8. I've had morgellons for 4 years now and one of the things I use for keeping my hair healthy is to use a Peppermint shampoo and conditioner from Avalon Organics. It has peppermint essential oil in it which will kill off these organisms in the hair and if you have unnatural moving hairs these will want to release off my scalp when I use it. I use the Peppermint conditioner in combination with another moisturizing conditioner, since the Peppermint shampoo can be rather drying on the hair. These products are available usually at Whole Foods store or you can get it on Amazon. Anyway, it has been wonderful to help me keep my long blond hair without a lot of damage. Here is a link for this product: They also have some other variations that have tea tree and lemon, and others too.
    I also take a hair supplement that has biotin in it too to help keep the hair strong.
    Also, I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint castile bar soap. This has also been great. I learned about that product from some different sites.
    But when I first got this it presented in a rash and looked a bit like scabies in the beginning, so I did use the sulfur soap also at that time. And I take MSM supplements which have sulfur as well.
    Here is a good site for some other product ideas:

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