Vitamin D – Benefits, Foods & Supplements – Christina Tsiripidou

Vitamin D – Benefits, Foods & Supplements – Christina Tsiripidou

Imagine that you’re somewhere really
really warm. Let’s say Greece. Summer in Greece. You’re by the beach, wearing your bikini, drinking your cocktail. You’re
listening to the waves of the sea and feeling the warmth of the sun in your
face. Well I am not there but today we are going to talk about vitamin D. Hi guys my name is Christina I’m a nutritional therapist and in this video as mentioned
before we’re talking about vitamin D. But before we do, I would like to say a big
thank you to you, because most of my videos are inspired by your requests and
this is one of your requests. The very first thing you need to know about
vitamin D is that it is more of a hormone rather than a vitamin. 90% of
vitamin D we get from exposure to the sun, and 10% from various food such as
mushrooms, such as fatty fish like salmon or mackerel
and then our body converts it into hormone called active vitamin D. Vitamin
D has obviously a lot of benefits for our body. It helps with better absorption of
calcium from our bones to keep them strong, it strengthens our immune system
it has anti-cancer effects, it also helps us with seasonal depression and
additionally it helps with brain health. So deficiency of vitamin D has obviously
the opposite effect, so you’re more prone to illness as well as bone and brain
related issues. You’re also more prone to seasonal depression, so make sure that
you get your vitamin D as much as you can even if you’re not in a place where
you can get it every day, when you do get it try and get it as much as you can. It
is recommended that you get at least 10 minutes of sunlight per day, which will
help you with seasonal depression and all of this issues mentioned before. If you get a chance to be exposed for more than 10 minutes then do so. Our
bodies are good at storing the additional sunlight the additional
vitamin D and then use it when needed. Foods that contain vitamin D are salmon,
mackerel, tuna, if you can get a good quality of beef liver and cod liver, then
do so, eggs are also really great source of vitamin D, as well as raw milk. You can
also get vitamin D from supplements, just make sure that the vitamins that you buy
are multi vitamin D and contain vitamin D3 which is the one that we get from
sunlight. Thank you guys for tuning in and if you like this video please do hit
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7 thoughts on “Vitamin D – Benefits, Foods & Supplements – Christina Tsiripidou

  1. I have a Vitamin D deficiency so this was great information. As a vegan friendly vegetarian, I use vegan supplements. I also love ❤️ the thought of Greece!!

  2. That was hilarious! Thank you – love getting my vitamin D by the pool. Doesn't sunscreen inhibit absorption of Vitamin D?

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