44 thoughts on “Vitamin D for Asthma

  1. I've had asthma since the age of 2. I'm 61 now. I was given so many different medications, as I kid I remember being held down, mouth forced open & given this awful red syrup medicine. If the spoon wasn't rinsed afterwards it would eat away the finish! Who knows what I was given!! That was in the mid 1950s. I had allergy shots, inhalers,steroids & pills. Not one Dr. asked about my diet! It wasn't until I took my health into my own hands that I got off all medications. I adopted a plant based diet, mostly raw & more hydration.

  2. Not consuming dairy cured me from my asthma. A doctor actually advised my mom in the eighties not to buy dairy. He was a great doctor

  3. Put it to the test… Dr pop ups! Love it… Just ordered how not to die … Looking forward to the read! Happy new year!

  4. That lives the integral food based on plants thanks to her we can be immortal if you would say and also invulnerables to the diseases

  5. A recent study showed that autistic children had low levels of vitamin D, mothers who didn't get much sunlight exposure during pregnancy were more likely to have autistic children.

  6. How do vegans get K2 with something other than natto and how important is it for making sure we are getting our calcium

  7. Keep buying your kids iphones, tv's and consoles and no wonder why..let alone rendering their brain exercise useless

  8. I think all us asthmatics can agree NO dairy, more breathing exercises, being overweight greatly compounds the effects of asthma, avoiding triggers, eating right all help combat this fucked up problem…

  9. I HAVE A CURE FOR ASTHMA – stop eating gluten. Asthmatics are allergic to gluten. Only takes 1 week on a gluten-free diet to start feeling good. It worked for me.

  10. I've been studying top natural cure for asthma and discovered an awesome resource at Laken chest remedy (check it out on google)

  11. I saw a video about putting mushrooms on your windowsill, and it collecting vitamin D. What do you think Dr Greger? Thanks for curing my Asthma! http://butterflylullaby.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/dr-michael-greger-cured-my-asthma-hero.html

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