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Water prevents dry mouth after workout.
Lily drinks water a lot because it promotes good blood circulation.
It helps her to have a good bowel movement. And most importantly, it maintains her young
supple skin. And it never fails her for years! She eats fruits and vegetables everyday,
She loves to eat salad. She also drinks immediately after her meal
in breakfast, lunch and dinner. It becomes her habit. Until one day, she’s
so bloated. She’s not sure why but she chews her food
very well and she drinks water while eating She believes that it helps digestion because hydration is very important.
She is not sure why she still sick. So she asks her friend who is a nurse,
Am I paranoid to ask, Should I drink water with my meal? Lily, drinking water with meal may not harm
you immediately, but when it becomes a habit, It has a negative effect on your digestion. This is what her friend said,
The proof is base from basic biochemistry and physiology of human body.
The answer to the question is when we take a look at:
substances affecting pH composition of water
mechanism of enzyme and physiology of digestion pH:
indicates the number of hydrogen ions H+ concentration of solution
pH scale ranges from 0-14 Acidic solution has a pH of less than 7
and has greater concentration of hydrogen ions H+
Alkaline solution has a pH of more than 7 and has fewer concentration of hydrogen
ions H+ Water:
Water is a neutral solution that has pH of 7
it has equal number of hydrogen ions H+ and hydroxide ions OH¬- So when a food has reached the stomach,
digestion of protein begins. Our gut has senses to release hydrochloric
acid that has pH of 2, and has greater concentration of hydrogen
ions H+ than hydroxide ions OH¬ Pepsinogen also releases in the gut,
hydrochloric acid activates it to form enzyme called, pepsin.
Pepsin is the enzyme that breaks down protein This process only happens in acidic environment,
at least with the pH of 2. So, when you drink water together with your
meal, it increases the amount of hydroxide ions
OH¬- and lower the concentration of hydrogen ions H+
This is why it dilutes the stomach acid. strong acids are completely broken down
in water. A change of pH turns from 3.5 or even up
to 4 which is slightly alkaline And this inhibit pepsin enzyme to break
down protein. Also, Hydrochloric acid is antimicrobial.
In fact people with low Hydrochloric acid leads to food poisoning.
Intrinsic factor that is also release in the stomach won’t bind properly with Vitamin
B12 in an alkaline environment. Thus, formation of red blood cells is also
affected. when you drink water together with your
meal, it delays the process of digestion. our body absorbs the water first to return
the stomach into acidic environment in order to break down protein.
However, when breaking down of protein is longer than it should be,
It results to putrefaction which releases toxic gases into our body. Enzyme:
Enzymes are form of protein produced by the cells.
Enzymes are found in our gut and our food. With enzyme, the rate of chemical reaction
can take place more than a million times faster than without enzymes.
The 3-dimensional shape of enzyme is critical for their normal function,
we call it lock-and-key model. in which the shape of an enzyme and that
of the reactants like food, allow the enzymes to bind easily to the
reactants. Factors that break down function of enzymes
are: temperature, too cold or too hot affects
enzyme function too cold temperature of water slows down enzyme
activity the body takes time to process it to bring
the temperature suitable for enzyme activity while too hot water denatured enzymes and
becomes nonfunctional In the human body, the optimum temperature
at which most enzymes become highly active lies in the range of 35 ° Celsius to 40 ° Celsius.
– pH, enzymes are very specific, some only react to acidic environment and
some react only to alkaline environment. pancreatic amylase secreted in the pancreas
works well in alkaline environment to finalize breaking down starches.
pepsin only release in an acidic environment – activators, raw food are very rich in enzymes.
bromelain is an enzyme found in raw and fresh pineapple that helps break down protein
water doesn’t have specific enzyme to help break down your food.
Published in October 6, 2014, Scientists at the University of Bristol lead by Dr Adam
Perriman, created an enzyme with an in-built ability
to exist as a liquid without any solvent. What was astounding was that the solid chemical
reactant, could be dissolved directly by the liquid
enzyme. inhibitors, chemicals interfere enzyme activity
like antibiotics. So that’s the 4 factors that break down
enzymes. temperature, pH, activators and inhibitors Physiology of Digestion:
Will water aid digestion? Yes, if you drink water 20-30 minutes before
meal. This is the duration when water is fully
absorbed in the gut. Sipping water is very well absorb in the
gut than gulping. Drink water 1 ½ – 2 hours after your meal
Because this is the stomach emptying time. Watermelon is 90% water
Make sure to eat it alone. What are your experiences when drinking
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