What Sweetgreen Cofounder & Gwyneth Paltrow Put In Their Salads

What Sweetgreen Cofounder & Gwyneth Paltrow Put In Their Salads

Smack it. Guys this is my good old friend
Nick. He’s one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen, major brainiac businessman. I
wanted to have you here because you’re one of the kings in the salads. And you’re
a great chef and foodie. -More of a solid home cook I would say. -Like a notch above.
-I would say when it comes to salads, I can call myself a chef. -I think so. We
have a hundred Sweetgreen stores. -We do, coming this weekend, yeah. -What are the tenants
of a great salad? -So I would say the most important thing by far is starting with
the best ingredients. When they come from great farms that grew them the right way
and the great and the best soil, that’s where the flavor comes from. -Are there certain salad don’ts? -One of the only rules I kind of follow is
around just making sure the salad is balanced, whether it’s texture or flavor. Make sure there’s something crunchy, something
sweet, something acidic, maybe spicy. Just making sure that your combination
of ingredients is well-balanced. That I would say is probably the only rules. -Okay. The
other thing is when I go to the farmers market, I feel kind of overwhelmed by all
of these salads options. -When you’re overwhelmed you can just come into Sweetgreen. That’s a good rule of thumb is to start with one or two greens. I generally
like some mix, some greens. So one that’s kind of crunchy, and one that generally
is kind of spicy, like a mustard greens or an arugula. I’m a big fan of mixing
raw and cooked ingredients so making sure there’s either some roasted veg or
roasted protein. -Or quinoa. -Generally something crunchy at the end. -Okay. -Some
sort of nut or seed. And so when you’ve got a great set of ingredients in your
bowl, then it comes down to the dressing. And really the dressing is so key. It’s
where a lot of the personality of the salad comes from. -I feel intimidated to make
a salad next to you. -I’m intimidated to make it next you. So I’m gonna start with some little gem.
-Okay. -Because that is my my favorite lettuce of all. -I will get some red oak. -And then
definitely want something spicy, so some of these mustard greens. -Yeah, I’m gonna copy that, I love mustard greens. It’s like a
weird bitter spicy amazingness. -Color is also very important so I think the
better your salad looks, the better it will taste. -Eat the rainbow, Nick, eat the rainbow. -So I’m
gonna go for some of this purple kale, because its beautiful color. -Maybe
for my color, I’ll go with some of the purple cabbage. -There is also some
ingredients that can be base or veggie. Some of these raw Brussels sprouts. I
love some of those so I’m gonna put some of those in. -Okay, I will do the same.
-I pretty much put fennel in almost every salad I made. The crunch, that licorice
flavor has great digestive properties. -Yep. -Always always radish as well. -That’s your base so then
what’s gonna be your flair? Your salad flair? -You know I’m gonna
do some squash, some delicata squash. It has been beautifully roasted. -I think I am gonna go for some chickpeas. I
love chickpea. Oops! My chickpeas have gone rogue. -And then here we have some
beautiful roasted veggies, you can grab some carrots, turnips and fennel. I’ll be one,
two chicken today. And just load up on some quinoa. -Okay. -Got some beautiful
tomatoes over there. -Yeah, I think that’ll be enough for me. -It’s a good-looking salad.
-So Sweetgreen approved? -It is. So now generally I will… -It looks so good! -So does yours. We
can try each other salads at the end. -Okay. -So now I generally would focus on the dressing. The
dressing is really important because it ends up being the seasoning obviously, and
the flavor profile of the salad, and you really want to complement the amazing
veggies and the strong flavors you have from the produce. -So what are you gonna
do for your dressing? -Generally with the dressings there’s a certain ratio you
want to hold somewhat true to. You want one to three-ish. So one acid, three
parts fat. -One to three. Acid to fat. -So starting with some mustard, and then I’m
gonna add a little bit of red wine vinegar -I’m gonna add some anchovy. -Shallot. And then you’d like to put a
little bit of hot sauce. -Whoo! Hot sauce. -Give it a bit of backbone. -That’s very cool.
-Tiny bit of sweet, so I’ll add just a little tiny bit of honey, just around
all the acid. Yes. All right, and then my favorite thing to do in salad is
actually zest. I do a little bit of zest in the dressing and then I’ll finish the
salad actually. -I might need to copy you on that. -This is good. Nice sweet color. What else is in yours? Anchovy, olive oil? -Mine is anchovy, Dijon, red wine
vinegar, a little bit of maple syrup, pepper, salt and olive oil. And now your
secret trick: Lemon zest. -I think yours might be better than that. -I don’t think so. I
always, I am following you and your wife. You’re my, like the foodie North Stars. If
you had to name your favorite restaurants in the world that have
really blown you away. -Estella in New York. It’s probably my all-time favorite restaurant.
-Okay. -Squirrel here in LA, -Yes. -Felix. -Yes. -And that achacha he makes is pretty
famous. He actually made our wedding cake out of the focaccia. -Oh my god. – So you
went a little non-traditional. And nothing beats my mom’s home cooking. So I
got throw that in there. -So what, what herbs would you put on the salad? -We have
some beautiful micro-cilantro here. I’m gonna do some of this. I’m a sucker for
basil so I’ll probably tear a bunch of basil into it. You can chop this up or
you can just hand tear it. -Looks beautiful. All right, here’s a plate. Wow, that looks
really good. -This looks great. -Alright I’m gonna start
with yours. -Please. -Mummm. -Nice clean dressing? -Mm-hmm.
Sometimes when you are lucky enough to have ingredients this fresh, it’s like
you meet your body like immediately thanks you when you start to… -It can tell
the difference. -Amazing. -And even having an arugula that’s from a grocery store
versus the farmers market is night and day. -Okay. -Let’s try yours. I like the dressing. -I love the anchovy. We nailed it. -We did. Feels like that needs to make its way on the Sweetgreen menu. -I’m choking. God. Can you imagine if I had salad on
the Sweetgreen menu, I would feel like I finally made it. Thank you so much for
being here. I hope you guys enjoyed our fantastic at home, Sweetgreen plethora
of salad ingredients. It’s so fun to have you.

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  1. Love! Love! Love! Thank you gorgeous Gwyneth for sharing with us your nutritional secrets! I am a big veggie and seafood (iodine and zinc) lover!
    We are what we eat! Health is not just wrath but is also a huge component of beauty!

  2. I do love a good salad. When I make my own salad for a dinner party or gathering, I like to make the dressing a few hours ahead of time, to let the flavors meld together. Then, before I toss the salad with the dressing, I season it with a little salt. That makes the flavors really defined.

  3. I started watching this channel today, and ms. fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow!! I feel your soul, I get it, I'm a libra too haha, this video seemed like you were indecisive with your salad, and woah me too!! haha also I just recently been watching your interviews when you're speaking spanish.. you have been around since I was little but just now am I admiring you more! keep glowing beautiful. I hope to meet you one day. 💗

  4. Part of me is inspired to buy different greens(if I can get them) and part of me feels this is a cooking show for the wealthy or pretentious. To put 50 different bowls of ingredients out just so you can choose a very few is conspicuous consumption. Where was the gold leaf for the top?

  5. This snake oil garbage doesn’t allow likes/dislikes because they’re openly scamming people with pseudoscience. Pathetic use of power.

  6. Send a cease and desist a well established online group because your to lazy to come up with another name for your shitty snake oil brand that takes advantage of uninformed or stupid young women

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