What Your Farts Say About Your Health

What Your Farts Say About Your Health

In science, it’s important to have quantifiable
data. How bright is that star? How strong is that force? How smelly is that fart? Hey everyone, Julian here for DNews. I know
it seems like a juvenile topic but flatulence is a part of everyone’s lives, and it actually
can tell you some interesting things about yourself. So today, with as much maturity
and aplomb as I can muster, I’m gonna talk about booty toots. First of all it may surprise you to learn
that gut gas contains information about your health. For example: if you have lactose intolerance
it’s because your body no longer produces an enzyme that breaks down the sugars in milk.
Your gut bacteria on the other hand love that stuff, and will munch it up, leaving you uncomfortable
and passing the wind of Satan. Or in rare cases those bacteria that are supposed to
be in your large intestine gets in your small intestine and thrive, eating nutrients that
are supposed to go to you and making you gassy and bloated in the process. A bleeding ulcer
will cause foul smelling stool and flatus. And an excess of hydrogen sulfide, the molecule
responsible for that rotten egg smell, may be a sign of a damaged gut lining, inflammatory
bowel disease, or even in severe cases, colon cancer. So, if you have really rank stank,
it can’t hurt to see your doctor. But even if you’re healthy, you probably
don’t fart daisies and rainbows, and that’s because of that gut bacteria. They munch on
the undigested nutrients on the way to your colon, but the odorous molecules in their
waste gas make up less than 1 percent of a fart. When you smell a fart, you’re basically
like a shark detecting tiny amounts of blood in water, except with farts. Thanks, nature!
Many of the stench offenders are sulfur-based and a prime source of sulfur in a diet is
from meat products. There’s also skatole, which mammals produce from tryptophan and
it smells like… skat. Though weirdly it’s also made by some flowers. So roses don’t
really smell like poo poo, but some lilies do. Vegetarians, that doesn’t mean your farts
don’t stink; sulfur is also found in broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, almonds
and dried fruit. And while a vegetarian’s careless whispers may be less odorous, they
will likely be more frequent due to a high-fiber diet that makes gut bacteria thrive. What isn’t made by bacteria is surprisingly
similar to air, which makes sense considering you swallow air when you eat. Typically farts
are 59 percent nitrogen, 21 percent hydrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 7 percent methane
and 4 percent oxygen. None of that actually smells; people tend to think methane is the
culprit because natural gas leaks have a distinct smell… Natural gas leaks in your home, I
mean, that one wasn’t a fart euphemism. But methane is odorless, commercial natural
gas has an artificial smell added so you know when not to light a match. So if farts can actually tell you all this
useful stuff about your health, how do we capture one and measure its composition? According
to Peter Gibson at Monash University in Victoria, Australia, we can either measure what your
farts are made of by fermenting poop, or capturing breath. Because the gases in your gut get
reabsorbed into your blood and can wind up in your mouth. That’s right, you all have
fart breath. On a less serious note, in 2009 Cornell University
seniors Robert Clain and Miguel Salas designed a machine that was an unholy combination of
a thermometer, microphone, and hydrogen sulfide detector. When someone… *ahem* “tests”
the device, it combines information from the three sensors to rate the sample on a scale
of 0 to 9, 9 being what I can only presume is a perfect fart. It’s totally normal to pass gas, yet many
people are self conscious and hold it in. But can that KILL YOU? Nah, it can harm you
in other ways though! Tara has more here. So, do you fart? Keep in mind that if you
say no, you are a dirty dirty liar, pants on fire, and that is dangerous because the
methane and hydrogen in your farts is flammable. Let us know in the comments, subscribe for
more, and I’ll see you next time on DNews

100 thoughts on “What Your Farts Say About Your Health

  1. My brother literally fell unconscious when i farted and he's not even faking it . Cause i threw up on him and he didn't move 🙂 can you imagine how bad the smell is

  2. I fart ._, *farts *man says DID YOU JUST FART *me uh nO that was that dude in the green hair next to yOU *Man says HAy YOU FARTED *man in green hair says she fARTED WHY you blaming it on mE *me because your hair is green and farts are green 😬

  3. Hell yes I fart, and I proclaim it to the world like I was Batman Standing on a rooftop telling the world that he is Vengeance, the knight, and Batman!

  4. I think everyone should bottle their farts. The older it gets the better it gets, just like wine. The late seventies was a good vintage year for bottled farts. We uncorked a rare 1979 bottled fart this christmas and the smell was classic, very smooth and mature. It's contents hit the nose first followed by a rich flavour to the tongue, a moment to cherish.

  5. One time I was sleeping with the covers over my head, and I farted in my sleep and it was soo rank i woke me up from a deep sleep lol

  6. I held my farts in all the time in school & nothings ever happened to me. Besides teachers would give you shit if you fart in class and they will make you go to the bathroom

  7. Lol I am probably the most healthy in my year and my farts stink so bad I’m like eww and blame it on others xD

  8. I eat a Whole Foods plant based diet and try to avoid foods that contain high amounts of sulfur when eaten. I still get terrible farts!

  9. Just wondering ………. Can u set ur farts on fire, cuz, u know, methane and that…….

    I'm sorry, i have a wild imagination

  10. See a doctor? Bullshit! Ive been farting so stinky farts my siblings had to open the windows every night for over 17 years! I am still fucken alive and my butty too! No fucken cancer ever happened to me. Chitty chatty for money ey you?

  11. My farts at the moment smell like a putrid combination of rotten eggs and hot rotting garbage… I can't even stand them myself, it lingers so bad!!!!! HALP!

  12. My farts stink bad because I’m allergic to breads a and sugar, I have incomplete digestion, and I eat meat/ processed meat 3 times a day everyday, oh I love deli meat

  13. The term ‘gut bacteria’ is mentioned only vaguely here. It’s good be aware that there are good gut bacteria and bad bacteria. With out junky diets and some medications which strip the gut of it’s good bacteria. The solution is raw fermented foods which are probiotic rich in live cultures. Good probiotic supplements can help too.

  14. I used to have a t shirt with a set of a 4 step illustration that said HOW TO LIGHT A FART: step one bend over
    Step two light flame
    Step 3 let it rip
    Step 4 call 911.

  15. Bro I think I got to go see a doctor because my farts smell like a fucking bomb of shit just exploded in a sent btw I’m female so it’s probably because I hold it in😂😂😂😂

  16. My farts be smelling like some fucked up eggs 😂😂😂😂 guess i need to lay off the protein shakes and boiled eggs on my diet

  17. When I was a kid my friend and I farted into a coffee can, closing it afterwards for an entire week, then we smelled it at the end of the week. You might be asking why we did this:

    Not sure really.

  18. my Doctor wasnt sure about this but i swear its true…….when I have gassy days I almost feel light headed..my theory is the gas gets in my bloodstream and it affects the o2 levels?

  19. Once i farted my new date off the bed. No joke, a 12 second 9.9 magnitude earthquake that shook the bed. LOL

    She gave me that look 😮

  20. okay I use to live in Wisconsin ODTC Oconomowoc Development Training Center for one hole week we had nothing but steakums with the works we had it for breakfast lunch and dinner for a week on Sunday night I gone back to the unit 8 i sit down on a brown couch next to a friend i farted it was super silent air it stunk so bad it turn the spot i was siting turned GREEN and my friend he got the first whiff of it then it creeped all through the hole building it gong up to the second floor and down to the basement it was so bad every staff called on the speaker and say who the hell did that every one ran to get out of the building fast its all true and they all should have called Hazmat on me lol

  21. I am an adult lady, who still cracks up at the unique symphony of farts. As long as I steer clear of dairy, and heavy proteins my toots are generally benign. Lol….💩🤣😂

  22. It's wierd with me, my farts are worse with health food. A meatball sub and I'll pop a bit, a ceaser salad and I can blow out a candle from across the room…

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