Which Polar Device Is Right For You? | A Triathlon Multisport Watch Overview

Which Polar Device Is Right For You? | A Triathlon Multisport Watch Overview

– With so many watches and
other options on the market, finding the right one for you, can be a pretty daunting task. So thanks to our partners at Polar, today in this video, we’re going to be comparing
three very different devices. From a general activity
level watchless app, all the way through to a brand-new
exciting pro-level watch, at the other end of the spectrum. (thunderous music) (upbeat rock music) I’ve chosen three products today. First up, we have this, the
optical heart rate sensor, which you can actually
use without a watch, or even a phone. Then, we have this mid-range sports watch, which you’ve probably spotted
me wearing in previous videos. And then, you won’t have
seen much of this one yet. It is a brand new,
top-of-the-range, sports watch. These all have very
different functionality, and therefore, are targeted
at different users. So, to you help you work out
which might suit your needs, we’re going to be taking
a closer look at each one, and then comparing all three. (funky music) We’ll start with the
more entry-level device. This, the optical heart rate sensor and fitness tracker, the OH1. Now it’s aimed at those who
like to do sport to keep fit, but don’t necessary have race goals. And it’s got the benefit
of not needing a watch. So you’ve got no distraction
whilst you’re working out. Although, on the flip side, you’ll have no feedback whatsoever, or at least from a watch. But more on that in a moment. All right, let’s take a closer look. The actual OH1 itself,
fits into the strap, which you can then wear on your arm, or your leg, either upper or lower. And I personally prefer to
wear it on my upper arm, as I find it’s quite accurate there, and most comfortable. You can use the OH1 for
a variety of sports. You just need to select which one, using the Polar Beat app. And then, you can leave
your phone at home. So today, I can go for a run without needing a watch or a phone. And this can measure my heart rate. It’ll be able to calculate
my training benefit and calculate my estimated calories. And sometimes, it’s just quite
nice to go out for a run, with no distraction of numbers. If however, you want more
data from your activity, you can take your phone with you. You can actually look at your
statistics as you go along. So for running, for example, I could see my route,
my pace, my distance, and then afterwards,
once I’ve downloaded it, I can actually analyse it in more detail using the Polar Flow. However, if you take your
sport a little more seriously, and are looking for something to assist you with your training and give you feedback as you go, then a watch like this could be more of what you’re looking for. (funky music) Next up, we have this, the M430. And this watch also
uses the OH1 technology, so it can measure your heart rate whilst wearing it on your wrist. It’s perfect for those athletes who want to track their
sports and training, without the need of any other device. Whilst also being comfortable to wear on the wrist all the time, making it double up nicely
as an activity tracker, for those watching their
steps in their sleep. First up, I should state the obvious. It is a watch, but on top of
being able to tell the time, it can be used for a multitude of sports. And importantly for us, obviously it can be used for swimming, cycling, and running. But it’s on the run, that
it comes into its own. With this watch, you can
actually look at your data, whilst you’re running along. So you can choose to have your heart rate, your pace, the distance that you’ve run. You can actually choose the settings that are on your screen. And then beyond that, you can actually even measure your cadence and your stride length. On top of its functions
within the individual sports, it also tracks your
activity throughout the day. And as athletes, we’re always
looking at the bigger picture. And there’s a key area
that it will monitor, and that is your sleep. So it’ll measure your sleep time, and it will also give an estimate to the quality of that sleep. If you’re looking to train for triathlon, and need constant feedback, this watch will suit you. It does lack swimming detail, and a race function for triathlon, but I personally use it for
the three separate sports to look at my overall activity, and recovery levels from day-to-day. (funky music) And finally, we head to the
top-end of the spectrum. It’s a newer addition
to the Polar collection. It’s this watch, the Vantage V. The Vantage V has all of the features of the mid-range watch
and some interesting, and very unique additions. Now, this watch also uses optical sensor for measuring your heart rate. But to make it even more accurate, it actually has skin contact here, that goes against your wrist. And again, it is a multi-sport watch. So I’m gonna start, by looking at it on the bike. (upbeat dance music) One of the unique
features about this watch is the fact that you can
see your power for running, but also for cycling, as long as you have a Bluetooth
compatible power metre. You can actually look at your numbers whilst wearing it on your wrist. Or if you want to have
slightly better visibility, you can even take your
watch off your wrist, and mount it onto your bike, like a bike computer. This watch, just like the others, connects to Polar Flow, but it has the additional features of Training Load Pro and Recovery Pro. Now these basically measure
the stress and the load that your body is going
through with training, but also with your everyday life. As I already mentioned, this watch can show you
your power for running and for cycling. But groundbreaking part, is the fact that you don’t
actually need a foot pod. It measure the power purely
from within the watch. And it does that, by measuring the speed changing within the altitude grade using a barometer that’s inside of here. So, then it also can give
you your running economy, as you’re going along. We’ve covered running and cycling, but this watch is a multi-sport watch. So importantly for triathlon, it has some new swimming features. It can do open water tracking. It can give you your distance, your speed, even your strokes per minute. And on top of that, it could actually take your
heart rate whilst your swimming. If you compete in full-distance
Ironman Triathlon’s, or ultra-endurance events, you’ll be pleased to know, that this actually has
an active battery life of 40 hours. That said, it is slightly heavier and a bit larger than the mid-range watch, but I would say the benefits
outweigh the downside. And I am very excited to
go out and train with this. As you can see, there
is so much to consider when you’re choosing a new sports watch, or wearable fitness tracker. But it is exciting that there
are so many options out there. And the best bet, is to
start by working backwards. So think about what it is you want to get out of such a device. If, for example, you’re a pro triathlete, or you’re wanting to train like a pro, then you might want to consider something like the Vantage V. And remember, it isn’t purely what the watch does on your wrist, but also the data you can get from it, and the analysis you can then do to help you train. In my mind, if it’s going
to help you train smarter, then it has to a wise investment. If you’ve enjoyed this,
hit the thumb up button, and hit the globe if you want to make sure you never miss another GTN video. And if you are curious to know what goes into the
makings of these products, we’ve actually done a
tour of the Polar factory. And you can see that, just here.

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  1. Which triathlon watch! No Garmin or suunto or TomTom for comparison! And the Paid promotion! in the start of the video… You could have named the video which "polar" watch to buy… And barely gotten away! Sad!

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    Well, what is done is done, things like this happen, still love Your content (though I am not a triathlete either), so keep it up :- )

  5. More of a Suunto fan here but I used to have a polar v800. Love both brands and I am really excited about the new polar Ventage V. Polar flow is still the best sport app out there (compared to garmin connect and suunto movescout).

  6. Come on people don't hate on GTN because they do paid promotion for some companies. It helps them to get their bills paid and you can enjoy all the other free videos on interesting topics and with pro athletes. If you want a comparison between the various triathlon watches go to DcRainmaker and read his watch guide.

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  10. I really appreciate your content and there's nothing to say against paid promotion, especially with full disclosure. However, just picking three Polar devices from top to bottom of the price range and mentioning some of their features doesn't make an informing video. Compare them regarding their capabilities as a triathlon watch or at least name some equivalent models of competitors. Please don't sell out!

  11. It is actually quite funny how people complain about "paid promotion", "no comparison to other brands", etc. It is clearly said in the video it's paid promotion so it's obvious that they can't show other brands (at least in this video).
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    Don't seem to be that popular here (in the running community) in South Africa but their products look great.

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    If you want a smart watch for physical health and fitness you only ever buy a Polar. If you want a smart watch to talk to, with a pretty screen and chat on FB or whatever, you buy anything else.

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