Why I don’t take supplements

check out this standing desk that I improvised a pretty good sitting too much has a lot of negative effect on your health and also on your listing performance especially on leg movements so I started to stand more when I’m working and I’m actually feeling a little more energized throughout the day but in this video I want to talk about something else I want to share the story of how I got into writing reviews for dietary supplements that’s right at 17 years old I think there are a few important lessons in this story especially about supplement use why I think that most supplements are actually a scam so when I was about 17 I was looking for something to work to earn more money because I wanted to get more things to be cool you know have you out in high school so what I started looking into freelancing and I couldn’t find anything that was suitable for me until my friend Alex who you know introduced me to one guy that was hiring writers English writers to write reviews for supplements they were looking for cheap work that’s why they hired Eastern Europeans and their you know Asians and suffer death because we accepted writing a full article for only $5 and the reason they did that is because they were building a huge enormous database of reviews that would get a lot of traffic from Google right when people search that supplement on Google to find out if it’s effective they came across out one of our reviews and then they would read about it we did make them honest but anyway they they went through them and if they liked the product they would click the link they would buy and they would get the company was getting a part of the sale now here’s the problem if a company was willing to trust the effectiveness of a dietary mint on the judgment of a 17 years old who barely speaks barely speaks English and needs to read Wikipedia to know what those girl means well that can tell you how effective most supplements are really there are only marketing schemes most supplements really don’t do anything this is the reason why I personally don’t use any supplements and that I don’t recommend my viewers and readers to take supplements too because most supplements those that have a catchy title and the company make a lot of claims to them they sound like steroids right those are usually very ineffective they are just there to to make sales of course there are also supplements that are helpful that are effective that do improve your performance and fat loss and your muscle building potential but those are only a handful the best place to learn about supplements and their effectiveness and if they are worth it basically is examine calm I’m going to link that website here examing is an unbiased site because they don’t sell any supplements which is great and you will find that those articles are amazing not only they are very long but they cite so many studies hundreds of studies and you can you can clearly see if a substance is good for you or if if it doesn’t and they also tell you what the effective dose is because the big problem with which supplements is that although they do contain ingredients that are actually helpful that have been proven to help you they have such a little dose of them that can basically nothing they are ineffective and most supplements that I reviewed what like that I realize that now but back then when I didn’t know what I was talking about I was actually giving a thumbs up to a lot of stupid supplements and this is what I actually wanted to torn you about you go online you read a review over certain supplement and guess what that if you might be written by someone like me and when I was right someone who doesn’t know anything about supplements about nutrition about maybe doesn’t even know English so you know just stay away from surgeries that have incredible marketing claims and always go with the tested substances with those that you know that are effective and have a lot of science behind them you

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