Why would a male have low blood levels of calcium?

Why would a male have low blood levels of calcium?

Anonymous attendee says, “Why would a male
be low in calcium?” Anonymous, write in the chat if you want,
do you mean low in blood calcium, or do you mean low in bone calcium, or do you mean low
in dietary calcium? So, I’m going to assume that you mean low
in blood calcium. You either have something wrong with parathyroid
hormone governing your calcium levels, in which case you would want to see a doctor
about that, or you have a long-going deficiency of related nutrients. So, not enough calcium and not enough vitamin
D. I mean, those should not cause low serum calcium, unless the deficiency has been going
on for a very long time and is very bad. And then again, I don’t know what measurement
you’re referring to. So, maybe the calcium was a tiny bit low,
and you remeasure it, and it’s not low anymore, it was a fluke. But if you’re talking about confirmed low
serum calcium, then nutritionally, I would look at long-standing severe deficiencies
of calcium and vitamin D would be what I’d be looking at, and I’d follow it up with measurements
of PTH and calcitriol to better assess the situation.

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