Your Sunday One Video Shave Of The Day & a Soap Review Barrister and Mann Leviathan

Your Sunday One Video Shave Of The Day & a Soap Review Barrister and Mann Leviathan

Welcome to Your Sunday One Video Shave Of The
Day and a Soap Review! Hey Eric here with Adventures In Wet
Shaving and welcome back it’s good to see you! If you’re interested learning
how straight razor shave and all things straight razors are related go ahead and
hit that subscribe button then click on the bell next to it to be notified when
I upload videos that way you won’t miss a thing. In this shave I’m using my
Thiers Issard and this is the Bison this is CarbonSong C135
steel. It is marvelous and that is just a beautiful blade it is a full hollow this
is faux turtle and it is a marvelous shaver yes it is now for our soap
tonight I am using Leviathan now this is Coffee, Sandalwood and Russian Leather oh
yeah oh this is sweet this is going to be good in the winter yes it is now I
have had that blooming so let’s pour that off and put that on as a pre-shave
yep rod I did just get out of the shower as
well so those whiskers are hydrated there we
go nice all right. Now for my brush tonight we are going with the King Brush
oh yeah this is the Adventures In Wet Shaving King Brush that is a 24
millimeter Premium Boar Knot and it is a fine brush yes it is now let’s get that
loaded up all right here we go yep so it was good that here in the last
shave you enjoyed my story of how adventures in wet shaving was created
now what I’d like for you to do is down in the comments tell me your story how
did you get started straight razor shaving all right yeah let me know down
in the comments and if you like my story give me a thumbs up down there as well
yeah and we did make it to the weekend so hopefully you’re being able to relax
enjoy yourself and be with family and friends
yeah yeah that is good and you’re healthy and in high spirits the world’s
treating you good yeah hopefully you’re getting some good shaves as well yep
all right and this so is pretty much there I believe we will find out here
soon oh yeah oh yeah so gonna get that around the outside like normal and going
around inside just like that yeah there we go now we’re gonna get
most of that on the brush yeah but the rest is going to face mm-hmm yeah I
always think it’s interesting how people get started
especially straight razor shaving because this is not something you just
wake up and then go one day oh I think I’ll straight razor shave right that’s
not what we do we actually think about it we look at it weigh the options that
kind of thing so be interesting to see how you started now look at that in it
beautiful let’s go ahead get that lather oh yeah yeah and keep in mind the reason why
we’re here is for you so if you have any questions or comments or suggestions go
ahead put them down there I’m game for anything I really am and I really enjoy
the interaction now let’s get some more water on that Berenstain man makes fantastic so really
does and this has got a really interesting set yeah coffee sandalwood
and Russian leather yeah it’s kind of a dark scent I think it’ll be good for the
winner I really did nice warm dark scent yeah very good
oh yeah nice there you go oh that’s it feels good
does now get those hands cleaned up dried off now this is pass one and for
me primarily that’s gonna be with the grain let’s do this yeah did that a little different a
little different stretching technique I think my original way is better always trying things oh yeah now find
that speed bump right there there we go nice fantastic
great so in this razor is just mowing down those whiskers very nice yeah and this tiaras are is really a joy
to shave with really is there’s those speed bumps nice yeah it feels good yeah nice oh yeah
various all right pass one complete yep
and it felt good yep it did let’s go ahead and get that
rinsed off oh nice nice yeah and this barrister man has got some nice residual
slickness as well quite good yeah and fantastic sense really is yep
all right let’s get her lather on now we do have one more episode of barber homes
yep coming up in the next straight razor edge Friday special all right now
it was the most requested way to finish off of a barber song which makes sense
to me that’s why I wanted to try the other
things first to see how they went and we’ll do this final episode of barber
homes in the series will be complete yeah so keep an eye out for that that’ll
be coming up in the next straight razor edge Friday special yep which is gonna
be good really yes I think yeah nice beautiful yeah now go ahead get a little
more water on that and Martin shared a book with me an
older book about wet shaving that I’m looking into and once I get more
information on that I’ll let you know about that as well
yeah yeah definitely an older that thought
pattern one how is the best way to share so we’ll keep you up to date on that and
this is past two so for me primarily that’s gonna be against the grain let’s
do this nice you’re right yeah I’ll get that cleaned off right yeah and as always if you have any
questions just let me know down in the comments I’d be happy to answer them
just like answering how I started straight razor shaving yeah just let me know all right feeling good
yes it is yeah I hope you’re getting some good shave I really do that’s what
this is all about right enjoying the shave here we go nice really good nice oh yeah there you go
pass to complete and it felt good we’re gonna find out let’s get it
rinsed off oh wow cheeks are brilliant Wow and really that
residual slickness is there if you had to do a little cleanup here there it
would be no problem yeah absolutely now time for the hat pass now for me
that’s gonna be my jaw line in my neck and it’s against the grain yep
again a little unorthodox all right but man it works it really works for me and
I’ve not found a better way to do this and I only need two and a half past
shave to get a really good chafe yeah that’s it
oh nice what did that so great there’s that okay
get those speed bumps all right this is the half pass the way that peaky so oh man that is
good just hang in there yep yeah let’s get this side nice here we go right there you go another shave in the books
yeah now just get it cleaned off see what
it’s like wow wow that’s brilliant Oh fantastic shave Wow oh man a BBS
right there that is marvelous fantastic razor fantastic so now we’re
going allô them everywhere this is a stringent and antiseptic so it’s good
for the skin after a shave in there were no bumps harmed in the
filming of the shave video yeah that is good yep
very nice all right now I just ride off the alum if you can’t take out them
straight up go ahead with a water rinse followed by witch hazel and in my case I
am going with the rose petal yeah this is Thayer’s rose petal and it’s gonna go
nicely with this soap it really is now go ahead get some of that one yeah
that’s nice oh that is good yeah put that everywhere I did yep all right next
red top the shave off with Leviathan this is the matching aftershave and I’m
gonna put this on more as aftershave Cologne Ethan yeah and let me go ahead
and shake that up there we go get some of that going mmm Wow fantastic very nice very very nice now I do
straight razor edge Friday specials on the first and third Friday of every
month you can see barbers own the series right there very interesting stuff walk
you through beginning to end all of it plus shave test it’s really good it is
absolutely amazing what you can do with the barbers home in my opinion now I get
my ideas for these string razor and try these specials from you so down in the
comments go ahead we make questions comments suggestions maybe even ideas
for upcoming straight razor edge Friday’s special and we will get that
going for you remember this channel is for you now if you’ve been around for a
while or you knew the channel you like what you see smash the
subscribe button and click the bell next to it to be notified when I upload
videos that way you won’t miss a thing I do shave the day videos every Sunday so
stop on by for that wouldn’t be the same without you here and down in the
description I’ve got a ton of links for street razor shaving and honing videos
and playlists especially for you click up here to see my latest video click
over here to see a video especially picked out for you have a great shave
and a good day and I will see you next time
on Adventures In Wet Shaving!

13 thoughts on “Your Sunday One Video Shave Of The Day & a Soap Review Barrister and Mann Leviathan

  1. 👉 How did You start Straight Razor shaving? 👍🙂👍 #Heart

    🔴 Subscribe To Get More Great Tips:

  2. Great shave Eric. B&M's soaps are great and they are formulated to be thirsty which is a really good thing. My next shave video will be going up Monday so I will explain how I got started in my next video. I'm looking forward to seeing your next Friday special.

  3. Mine was kind of a natural progression, from DE Razors, SE Razors, Shavettes and now straight razor shaves. I swore I would never fall down the expensive rabbit hole to get the initial hardware to begin and continue to care/hone etc.

  4. I had a beard for well over 20 years.. I wound up with a rash eventually and ultimately had to start shaving again. It was then that I remembered why I quit shaving to begin with! 🤣😂
    Then, I went through the drama of trying to find something that would shave me,,,, AGAIN!
    Then, I remembered what my Grandaddy said about using a straight razor AND my reason for NOT using a straight razor! ( Typical, "I'm afraid I'll cut myself!")
    But, I was at my wit's end! I got curious! So I decided to give it a try and the rest is history!

  5. In my case, I went up and then down the blade count ladder. Started with twin blade cartridge razors, then three blades, then four, then five… Irritation just got worse every time. Then a friend told me about double edge razors (I was thinking there were no longer made…) And from there to straight razors was sort of a natural step.

  6. Great Shave Eric, Beautiful Ti Straight Razor. I started out using Disposable razors & moved to an Electric razor to get away from razor burn, but wasn't getting as close of shave as I wanted. I also want to save some money so in 2017 I started to look at Straight Razors & I got a ZY430 Straight Razor Kit for my Birthday in April. I had my first Straight Razor Shave on May 17th 2017 & haven't looked back. Eric, I hope you've had a Good Day & Weekend! Take Care My Friend!

  7. Another great one buddy … I had some of my Grand Father's razors. I have so much respect for him and miss him to this day..I used to watch him shave.. That's how I started; am still a newbie… Take care and all the best to you & Family… thom

  8. Great shave Eric! The ti is great that may be one of my next purchases. My journey in to traditional shaving started in high school when the 5 and 3 blade cartridge razors left major razors burn. I got my grandfathers vintage safety razors and used those all through high school. Somewhere in there i bought a straight razor shaped object and it was horrible. About 3 years ago i bought a dovo, strop, and shapton 12k attempting to save more money…. well that failed and it’s now a hobby. I also have an update on my latest edge experiment. A slurried ilr with dilutions will take a blade with the bevel set to shave ready. The ilr is very capable hone of producing very clean and crisp edges. I still favor a coti but i can definitely recommend the ilr! Keep up the fine work friend!

  9. Eric I started wet shaving about four years ago. I am disabled I had a couple strokes. I started with knives learning to sharpen them and collecting a few it help me with hand eye coordination. I had a interest in wet shaving so I bought my first razor and learned everything I could on YouTube. I found your channel i watch and learned. Now I have many razors. Now I shave sharpen fix and sell. I send my new buyers to your channel so they can learn how to do things right I love it thanks to Eric !

  10. Very nice shave Eric! What a beautiful razor too! I'm a big fan of that soap. I have the older label in the Glissant base. Fantastic soap. Happy Thanksgiving!

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