11 thoughts on “Zinc and Sulfur – Periodic Table of Videos

  1. Sorry, the 'Sulfer' was a typo… It's most likely changed now in GCSE and A-levels due to this being a rather recent alteration on the spelling. I believe it was a committee in the Royal Society of Chemistry? I'm no Chemist, only a physicist/astronomer. My A-level books from 4-5 years ago say Sulphur, it's strange, but in hindsight I guess it generates consistency at least.

  2. Why does the reaction go so slowly at first, especially given how very hot it gets over time?  Is there a side reaction going on?

    During the slow motion playback, is that the original unaltered audio (slowed down only?) or Is the digitized sound from some process added for flavor? its very interesting that the audio sounds digitized when slowed down enough to hear the changes.

  4. Thanks for the video. I have noticed the abundance of explosive reactions and fire. Does anyone know the ingredients for Greek Fire? Even if you don't a discussion would be interesting.

  5. that's what the crackling things are in fireworks except it is sulfer and zinc squished into little tiny pebbles

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